Marketing syllabus 19-20

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Jun 16, 2023
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COURSE SYLLABUS Cox Mill HIGH SCHOOL MM 51 Marketing Email: [email protected] Patricia McTigue All course work will be in Canvas School year 2019/20 Course Description In this course students develop an understanding of the processes involved from the creation to the consumption of products/services. Students develop an understanding and skills in the areas of distribution, marketing-information management, market planning, pricing, product/service management, promotion, and selling. Students develop an understanding of marketing functions applications and impact on business operations Most assignments are project-based with an emphasis on technology and communication provided. Independent research will be essential for students to successfully contribute to the collaborative nature of this course. Supplies USB Flash Drive Earbuds/ headphones Folder: Most of your work is submitted digitally, but you will need a place to organize a few paper items Pen/pencil/ paper Course Outline Unit 1 Understand marketing, marketing functions, marketing mix components (4 P's), marketing strategies and tactics, target market identification, segmentation, the need for marketing research and data, and career opportunities in marketing. Unit 2 Understand product/service brand management, branding, product life cycles, new product development, marketing of services, product positioning and the technological, legal, and ethical components of product/service management. Unit 3 Understand promotion and types of promotion including selling and the technological, legal, and ethical components of promotion. Unit 4 Understand pricing and factors affecting pricing decisions including technological, ethical and legal considerations. Unit 5 Understand channels of distribution and supply chain management and the technological, legal, and ethical components of channel management. DECA DECA is an association comprised of current and prospective marketing students. This organization allows students to attend field trips, conferences, & competitions that build character, networking, & leadership skills. Marketing students are not required to be in DECA; however, this program is a key component of the curriculum of this course. While DECA events and activities are promoted and discussed in class, official meetings will be held outside of class. Membership applications are no longer being accepted for the 2019-20 school year, but all students are encouraged to apply for membership the following year if you are not currently a senior.
Class Expectations/ Policies When arriving to class be prepared, professional and positive. Have all necessary supplies and class work. You are to be in your assigned seat BEFORE the bell rings. The daily agenda will be posted. Complete the Warm-up assignment immediately. Students are expected to participate in class activities and discussions Students are responsible for planning to complete work missed due to school attendance. Students are expected to complete and turn in their own work. Any plagiarism or copying of any kind will result in loss of credit and may be subject to further disciplinary action. Cheating is giving and/or receiving any assignments that is not designated as a partner or group work. Students are expected to use class computers and the Internet wisely and for educational purposes only. All CMHS polices listed in the handbook will be upheld throughout the school year. This pertains to all rules with a special emphasis on dress code, technology use, cell phones, & food in the classroom, and absent from class and make up work. I have a STRICT no food policy in my computer lab...seriously, don't eat in my class! Water with a secure top is ok if kept away from the computers. Cell phones must be secured in your bag and out of sight. Respect fellow students, the teacher, and school property at all times. Consequences for Violating a Class Policy 1. Verbal Warning 2. Pep talk and communucation home 3. Control room referral 4. Administrative Action Grading Daily Work: Daily work will include student notes and activities. Class work is designed so each student has the opportunity to complete work in class. Homework is not regularly assigned, however, students that do not finish work in class are expected to complete the work at home and submit by 7:15am the next day via Canvas. Projects: Projects or reports will be assigned on a regular basis. Many can be completed during class time. The projects are designed to allow students to implement their marketing skills. They are often times lengthy and cover more than one course objective. Projects are scored with a multiplier weight of 3. Quizzes: Quizzes and/ or mastery checks will be given at the end of each objective. The majority of the questions on the quizzes will be used on the comprehensive tests. Tests: Tests will be given on a regular basis. A comprehensive test will be given at the end of each unit. Tests are scored with a multiplier weight of 3. Class Participation: Class participation is evaluated on attendance, preparedness, and contributions during class time. Make-up work : Students have five (5) school days to make up any missed assignments due to excused absences. After five (5) school days, any uncompleted work will be recorded as a zero in the grade book. Late work: Work not turned in will result in a zero in the gradebook. Late work will be accepted at a 10% penalty per day for up to five (5) school days. After 5 days, the zero will stay in the gradebook per CMHS grading policy. *The final exam for this course is required by the state and cannot be exempted. The final exam score will count as 25% of the overall course grade.
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