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BUSI 640
Mar 3, 2023
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Business incubation project Modeling business Establish business Determining Conformation of Identification of business nets entrepreneur idea concept strategic profile and develop measures, management Identify potential of life plan SWOT Analysis of Designing system and alliances the business idea corporative image strategy maps Define the life and branding Identify business objective complementary Identify strengths Customer Identify the Target Market Ensure reliability dentify perspective entrepreneur Brand Vision (enterprise weaknesses strengths and Business process reliable Identify Brand Pyramid weaknesses perspective Business opportunities Brand Proposition Select the Learning and integration personality model Identify threats Brand's Essence & growth projects Promise perspective Financial Develop and Reason to Believe Activities establish the Brand Properties perspective entrepreneur strategy Brand Personality project life: Brand's Objective Develop offensive Image Relation with the strategy Mandatories Stakeholders: Develop defensive Brand Identity strategy Family activities Brand's Finger Develop adaptation Print Couple activities strategy Activities with Develop survival friends. strategy Commercial Activities with strategy other organization stakeholders Identify the Markets Research structure and position in the Activities with productive chain Define the oneself: marketing strategy Identify the phases -Health activities: and components Definition of Nutrition Identify the flow policies of fixation -Recreation and generate of prices -Rest diagram -Education Identify Operation strategy participants in the Identify and chain program new initiatives in the Analysis of Strategy of short, medium and integration with organization long term other phases of Identify and the productive chair program the Financial strategy clusion of -subjects (to close cycles) in short, the medium and long term.
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