Manual UNIT 2

Manual - UNIT 2: Guidelines of creating a report: Front page Index Introduction Activity 1 Activity 2 Activity 3 Activity 4 Sources Activity 1: Activity 1A Describe 3 top competitors: Background information (example: year of establishment, revenue per year, number of employees, product categories, active in which regions) USP (what makes this competitor so unique?) Market size, shares and structure: Market size in quantities or value (is there growth or decline in the market) Market shares (who has the biggest shares? Who is market leader) Market structure (Which one? perfect competition, oligopolistic markets, monopolistic markets, and monopolistic competition) Target market: (who is buying the product, who are they targeting for their advertisements) Market segmentation: Geographics, Demographics, Psychographics, Behavioral Trends : What are the biggest trends in the gaming industry at the moment External influences: What is influencing the gaming industry externally Activity 1B Research and analyze a marketing campaign which has been done by one of the game developers Costs: Look into the costs they made for running the campaign Timescale: When did it start how long did the campaign run Media: Which media channels did they use and why? Message communicated: What is the message that they wanted to communicate by carring out this campaign Tools: Which tools did they use for their campaign Appropriateness of the campaign: Is the campaign appropriate?
Activity 2: Marketing aims and objectives: What is the purpose of this campaign, set smart goals. Research data on the market to include: An analysis of your research, using appropriate tools: Which tools do I want to implement for the campaign? Target market: What is the target audience for the campaign? Size, structure, trends: How many people do I want to reach with this campaign? Competitor analysis: What are the strategies of the competitors? Which of the forces poses the greatest threat to Silver Stream? Judgements relating to the reliability and validity of the information researched: How reliable is the information I researched? Reasons for the approach you have taken in the rationale. Why did I follow this direction for the campaign? Activity 3: Produce a marketing campaign What is the marketing campaign about? Campaign budget How much are you going to spend on what? Timescale When are you going to start with what? (your campaign) Marketing mix (4P/7P's) Describe the marketing mix 4 or 7p 's Marketing Message Why do I want to implement this marketing message Selection and justification of media Which media channels did you use and why? Activity 4 - Conclusion The reasons for the approaches used in this plan
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