Sean Miller September 13, 2023 1. I have always had a love for the hospitality field, having a connection with people giving them the best service I can give and making their stay memorable. The part I love the most is the sales and the Catering department. In 5 years I see myself becoming the General Manager of the hotel I work at now, becoming the owner of my own hotel for the company I am employed with at this time or even being a traveling trainer for Choice International. I feel the schooling I would need to achieve my goal would be a marketing course, and some lodging operation courses, but working in the field is also a great way to learn working hands-on. 2. I have no concerns regarding academic success in this class because I have a wonderful support system that has my back and helps me achieve my goal and if I even have a question they are right there to answer it for me. I have worked in the hospitality field for 15 years and I have worked my way up from a front desk assistant to now A director of group sales and assistant to the General Manager and I have learned at lot over the year.
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