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Required Assignment 6.3: Design a Research Plan for Concept Testing a New Product Nikhil Devarajan Suggested time: 120 minutes Assignment Instructions The assignment is divided into 2 parts: 1. In a few sentences, define a new product concept you would like to test 2. Define how you would test the concept through customer responses. This step should consist of elements you would test (Two of which are mentioned above (intent and frequency). You have to come up with one more element that should be tested). Also show the questionnaire consisting of one question each for each element. Note : This is a required assignment and counts towards programme completion. Product Concept Online movie/series review in OTT Platform The OTT Platform like Netflix/Amazon is currently displaying only the IMDB ratings with a like/dislike button. As a new feature/enhancement, it can display the reviews on the movie/series from IMBD/Rotten tomatoes. The customer has the tendency to check the reviews and ratings from other websites before watching a movie. The product is already an established OTT platform, and the new feature will more value to the customers since it is a combination of OTT and reviews. There are multiple means in which the customer feedbacks or reviews are expressed currently in market and they are as always trending too. The Product concept can be tested by conducting marketing surveys either via social media, online or by adding a new survey in the product itself to understand how people think, before planning to watch a movie or web series in an OTT platform. We should be able to understand whether the product will be feasible from the surveys. In this case, the needs of the customer can be existing, and can be expressed easily. The survey questions can be asked based on the following parameters: Product Management Page 1
Concept Testing 1) Purchase Intent : Questions Response Options Will you be downloading an application which allows you to watch web series and movies along with the option to read and give reviews? Will Definitely download Will Probably download Might or might not download Will Probably not download Will Definitely not download 2) Purchase Frequency : Questions Response Options How frequent you watch movies or web series online? Monthly Yearly Onetime Lifetime Do you follow movie or series review online before watching it? Yes No May be Are you a movie critic? Yes No May be Will you continue to subscribe an app where you can watch the series or movie along with an option to review it? Yes No May be 3) Questions about Product attributes Questions Response Options Which all aspect you wish to see in an OTT app which has an option to review? Voice Enabled search Reviews Forums/Discussion Panel Product Management Page 2
What all aspects do you feel needs to be improved or you have not liked in this app? (After displaying a prototype that defines the look and feel of the app) Dark Theme Light Theme Usability Based on the above questionnaire, we should be able to identify the opinion from the customers. Based on that, a systematic analysis can be done on whether the product can be launched? And in case whether the prototype is needed to add new attributes or features to it, it can be incorporated based on the feedback. In addition, another review can be done on the pricing level which makes us understand whether the app is getting launched at a better or worse price. Product Management Page 3
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