MKTG 321 Syllabus Revised

Ferris State University College of Business - Department of Marketing MKTG-321 Principles of Marketing VL1 (CRN: 80629) Syllabus Fall 2022 Instructor: Susan K. Jones, Professor of Marketing Office: BUS 356 Office Telephone: Not active - you may call my home number if necessary (616) 458-0305 but you will learn that I am highly responsive on e-mail E-mail: [email protected] Office Hours: Tuesdays 9:30-11 a.m. and 12-2:30 p.m. (or by appointment on Zoom) Classroom: Online Note: The instructor reserves the right to modify the course requirements, assignments, grading procedures and other related policies as circumstances may dictate. Course Description Introduction to the basic functions of marketing. Included as topics of study are: consumer behavior, marketing research, marketing planning, physical distribution, selling, promotion, retailing, pricing, wholesaling, purchasing, international marketing, and e- commerce. Credit Hours: 3 Prerequisites: ENGL 150 Minimum Grade of C- It is your responsibility to ensure that you meet all of the prerequisites for the course. Those failing to meet these prerequisites face Academic Disenrollment. Course Objectives Upon successful completion of MKTG 321, students should be able to: 1. Explain the importance of discovering and satisfying customer wants and needs. 2. Describe the strategic marketing process and its three key phases: planning, implementation and control. 3. Distinguish between marketing mix elements and environmental factors. 4. Explain how market segmentation, targeting, and positioning can create competitive advantage. 5. Recognize key characteristics of organizational buying that make it different from consumer buying 6. Write a comprehensive marketing plan that includes all elements of the marketing mix. Course Management Policies Technology . This is a fully online course so the regular access to reliable technology is required. Basic computer proficiency is a mandatory requirement for this course. Take the time to ensure that you have the appropriate technology and internet access in order to be successful in this course. Additionally, form a backup plan in the event your computer crashes and/or you experience problems with internet connectivity. Check out the hours of the local public library, coffee shops and fast food restaurants with Wi-Fi services. While I will assume the responsibility for issues with Canvas that are reported to and acknowledged by the
Ferris State University (FSU) Technology Assistance Center, you assume the risk of all problems related to your computer and your internet access. Computer and internet connectivity issues are not excuses for missed discussion board posts, assignments, quizzes and tests. Weekly schedule . This course extends over the full 15-week term. Each week begins Tuesday morning at 12:01 a.m. and ends Monday night at 11:59 p.m. Generally, each week have the same structure and deadlines as set forth below: One or two chapters from the textbook with an accompanying quiz for each worth chapter. Discussion post and response - initial post due by Monday at 11:59 p.m. Follow up posts due by Wednesday at 11:59 p.m. Occasionally, one additional weekly assessment (online test, assignment, etc.) due at different dates. Refer to Course Schedule for more information. Assigned readings . You are responsible for the materials in the textbook and all additional readings assigned during the course. Reading the assigned materials is essential to your success in this course. This is especially true as MKTG 321 is the prerequisite for many higher-level marketing courses and electives. If you fail to master the material in this class, your chance of success in ongoing classes is jeopardized. Cheating and plagiarism are prohibited . Ethics are essential in all of marketing so, cheating and plagiarism are prohibited in this course. Prohibition against plagiarism and cheating should not have to be stated but is stated here for clarity. Each student is expected to do his or her own unique work. Submissions that resemble the work of other students, the work of others, or resemble the results of Internet searches will earn a grade of zero. Plagiarism in this course may result in a failing grade on the assignment or exam, a failing grade in the course, and/or referral to the Office of Student Misconduct. Assignment . All assignments must be complete and submitted via Blackboard prior to the assigned due date. Late assignments will not be accepted or graded . Electronic correspondence . All electronic correspondence from one student to another and from students to the professor should use FSU emails only. The instructor will respond only to the student's appropriate FSU e- mail account. Students are responsible for checking their FSU e-mail account regularly to ensure that it does not become full and result in undeliverable messages. Copying of Lectures and other Class work: Copying of PowerPoint lectures and other class work is not permitted. You are not allowed to disseminate them to any person. Course Materials Required Text: Grewal, D. and Levy, M. (2022). Marketing 8 th edition. McGraw-Hill Irwin, Boston. ISBN: 9781266123436 (Loose-Leaf with Connect) / 9781266036422 (Connect Access Only) You will need both the textbook and the publisher's code to access the McGraw-Hill online interactive site (McGraw-Hill Connect) of this course. The textbook is available for purchase in the FSU Bookstore. Alternatively, you may purchase the publisher's code ONLY. That way, you are able to access the online interactive resources including the electronic version of the textbook.
Once you have the publisher's code, you must register for the first time using the code. To register (or to purchase the code online), login to the Canvas site of MKTG 321 and complete the following steps: - NOTE: When you register into McGraw-Hill online interactive site (McGraw-Hill Connect) of this course, please ensure to use your Ferris email address. Assessment Students will be assigned grades for the required work as follows: Assessment Breakdown Activity Points Total Possible Each % of Final Grade Online Quizzes) via McGraw-Hill Connect 20 points each (20 x Online Quiz) 20% Online Test 100 points each (3 x Test) 45% Online Canvas Discussion Forum (10 Forums offered) 10 points max per discussion board for quality contributions (initial post and response) 15% Assignment 1: Case Study Analysis 3% Assignment 2: Marketing Plan Project 17% Total 100% Your grade will be based on the percentage of the total points that you earn. The following criteria will be used to determine your grade: Grade and Percentage Breakdown Percent Grade Percent Grade 93-100% A 73-76.9% C 90-92.9% A- 70-72.9% C- 87-89.9% B+ 65-69.9% D 83-86.9% B 60-64.9% D- 80-82.9% B- Below 60% F 77-79.9% C+ Academic Misconduct Academic misconduct is managed in part through the conduct process in collaboration with faculty at FSU. Students are referred to the Office of Student Conduct by their faculty for allegations of academic misconduct. The university may discipline a student for academic misconduct, which is defined as any activity that tends to undermine the academic integrity of the institution. Academic misconduct includes, but is not limited to, the following: 1. Cheating/Copying/Unauthorized Collaboration 2. Fabrication 3. Facilitating Academic Dishonesty 4. Interference 5. Plagiarism 6. Violation of Course Rules
7. Violation of Professional Standards and Ethics Definitions of the above items may b e found in the FSU 'Code of Student Community Standard s' posted on the Ferris State University website. Disability Accommodations Ferris State University is committed to following the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act Amendments Act and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act. If you are a student with a disability or think you may have a disability, please contact the Disabilities Services office at 231.591.3057 or send an e-mail message to [email protected] to discuss your request further. More information can be found online at: . If you have already registered with Disabilities Services, please let me (your instructor!) know as soon as possible for assistance with classroom accommodations. Inclusive Learning Environments Ferris State University is committed to creating inclusive learning environments in which people of all backgrounds are encouraged to contribute. As it is important to honor our differences based on race, sex, religion, sexual orientation, national origin, and socioeconomic status, this course also affirms and respects participants whose gender identity and expression may be situated beyond the male-female binary. We may share our preferred pronouns and names through e-mail, class name tents, and/or personal introductions. These preferences will be recognized throughout the semester, and any confidentiality related to such requests will be honored.
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