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May 8, 2023
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Tevin Austin 4/6/2023 Marketing 1311 PBS Video Extra Credit This is a fascinating video that begins to break down how easily our minds can be hacked in a society where information comes in massive waves at all times of the day. Due to that constant information intake human beings tend to go on autopilot like when you are driving your car, you aren't necessarily thinking about every decision behind the wheel. Your autopilot system allows you to get home safely without really thinking about it. Because of that autopilot component and staying in that state you take in much more messaging and marketing but with the filter of your fast-thinking and that isn't as healthy as taking in messaging with what they call slow-thinking. I believe marketers know this and take advantage of that by using more subconscious messaging and less about logos and taglines. Brands and companies are starting to lean into the lifestyle aspect of their messaging in order to align themselves with consumers that think like them and believe what the brand does. This creates situations where branding is more relatable and personal which I believe attracts the fast-thinking part of your brain that digests messages into a more primal aspect that lets consumers "find their tribe" and go with what's most comfortable to them.
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Uploaded by CommodoreLightningBuffalo27 on coursehero.com