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Marketing and Communication Part C: Marketing and Communication How does marketing communication work? It works by following a few steps: 1. Identification of the target audience. 2. Define communication objectives. 3. Design the message. 4. Select communication channels. 5. Measure the success of the campaign, its results. How does communication help marketing? In the development of a cohesive and efficient communication that avoids misunderstandings, that can disturb the sales of products and services and guarantees the credibility of the company with its customers. What does integrated marketing communication mean? It is an articulated set of efforts, actions, strategies and communication products, planned and developed by a company, to add value to its brand and consolidate the institution's image with a certain group of people or society as a whole. Within marketing, strategic processes are carried out to create, communicate and deliver value to customers, employees, shareholders, partners and society in general. It goes far beyond selling a product or service. It includes certain own actions to positively exalt the brand in the market, in front of the external and internal public. We can assess that this market is increasingly comprehensive, offering opportunities especially for those who are up to date. When graduating in this area, therefore, it is essential that the professional qualify in a communication and marketing course that explores updated concepts and shows promising trends. Both social communication professionals (which include journalists, public relations, advertisers, broadcasters and filmmakers) and marketing professionals must prepare themselves to work with people and for people. There are many segments that depend on their functions, from the most operational to leadership positions. Communication and marketing professionals have a wide range of options to work in the job market. Within a company, there may be a specific service sector, which may include endomarketing, internal communication, human resources, relationship marketing, CRM, after-sales, among others. Realize that there are functions related to serving the internal and external public. They can also work in advertising agencies, which present products, brands and services to the market through advertisements and advertisements, aiming at recognition, customer adherence and profit. Nowadays, it is more and more common for this niche to be linked to other related fields, and that is why we can see the emergence of communication agencies and not just advertising.
We also need to mention that this is a market that opens many doors for people who want to work remotely, through a home office or mixing face-to-face work with virtual work, and that it has a very strong "innovation" characteristic, being very volatile when it comes to adapt to new scenarios.
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