3-1 Disucssion

For this assignment I wanted to look at Coffee Roy. This portfolio is a coffee shop logo and brand identity. I was drawn to this one immediately because I liked the style of it. The font choice and the bright color palette gave this portfolio a retro feel. The checker print gave the feel of a diner which plays into that same retro idea. I also really love the isolated logo where it becomes apparent that between the 'c' and the 'o' there's a hidden face. Personally, I think that's such a fun personal touch that isn't seen all that often in brands. I also think the hierarchy and grid of the profile work well to draw the viewer through it and guide the eye and keep the viewer engaged. However, there are moments where there are breaks in the design that feel a little out of place. For example, there's an image of a loaf of bread cut apart that serves as a break between ideas. While coffee shops are known to sell pastries and baked bread, it feels a little out of place. I think it could have worked a little better with a different color from the palette or maybe even editing the saturation of the bread so it blends better with the rest of the identity. There are also some panels that can feel a little too busy, where simple elements can be removed to leave some blank space which would make the panel more effective. Overall, I really liked this portfolio and I think it successfully conveys the brand identity of Coffee Roy.
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