The BIG IDEA worksheet

Storytelling with data the BIG IDEA worksheet Identify a project you are working on where you need to communicate in a data-driven way. Reflect upon and fill out the following. PROJECT Back-to-School Opportunity WHO IS YOUR AUDIENCE ? (1) List the primary groups or individuals to whom you'll be communicating. Store manager Human Resources Influencer Specialist Supervisor (3) What does your audience care about? What issues that the company is facing (shown by data), what goals do they need to accomplish to deal with the problem. (2) If you had to narrow that to a single person, who would that be? Supervisor (4) What action does your audience need to take? Setting up suitable sales associate training and KPI to uniform the performance of each store, identify potential customers thereby establishing a set of sales strategies to attract new customers. WHAT IS AT STAKE ? What are the benefits if your audience acts in the way that you want them to? The overall sale profit of the company will increase, and employees with good performance will be promoted. What are the risks if they do not? Sales and Marketing Misalignment Inadequate Sales Strategy Sales Underperformance Inadequate Product Knowledge FORM YOUR BIG IDEA It should: (1) articulate your point of view, (2) convey what's at stake, and (3) be a complete (and single!) sentence.
Storytelling with data
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