Ch. 5 MAR3023

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MAR 3023
May 2, 2023
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Textbook Notes Chapter Five: Analyzing the Marketing Environment Sami Huda Consumers The center of all marketing efforts. The goal? To provide greater value than the competition. They can do so by analyzing trends in how consumers' needs and wants change. Immediate environment Company capabilities Competitors Corporate partners Physical environment o Energy trends o Green marketing o Greenwashing Macro environment (CDSTEP) Culture o Country Culture o Regional Culture Demographics o Generational cohorts Gen Z Gen Y Gen X Baby Boomers o Education o Gender o Ethnicity Social trends o Sustainability o Health and wellness o Efficiency Tech advances o Artificial intelligence o Robotics o Internet of things o Privacy concerns Economic situation o Inflation o Foreign currency fluctuations o Interest rates Political environment MAR 3023 Fall 2021
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