Strategic Message Planner: Hydro Flask Advertising Goal To persuade those who go on outdoor adventures to eliminate single use products and to reduce harmless wastes like plastic water bottles and use reusable water bottles to help clean/better the environment. Client: Key Facts 1. Hydro Flask was founded by Travis Rosbach and Cindy Weber in Bend, Oregon in 2009. 2. Hydro Flask was founded by a couple, when they both parted ways, they both agreed to sell it to an investor in Bend, Oregon known as Helen of Troy Limited. 3. Travis Rosbach and Cindy Weber are the creators of Hydro Flask. They both decided to make Hydro Flask because they learned about commercial (plastic) water bottles and how harmful they are to the environment. The past couple were dissatisfied with that idea of commercial water bottles so that's when they created Hydro Flask 4. The current CEO of Hydro Flask is Scott Allan. 5. One of the founders, Travis Rosbach, sold Hydro Flask for $210 million to Helen of Troy Limited. 6. The annual revenue is $14.0M. Hydro Flask has about 140 employees, and the revenue per employee ratio is $100,00. 7. Summer of 2019, popularity for Hydro Flask increased when the Gen Z subculture called those who had the water bottle "VSCO girls" or "VSCO girl vibe." 8. Hydro Flask used to be sold at local markets in Bend, Oregon. 9. Hydro Flask hit $2M in revenue in 2011 and some of that revenue was outside the country. 10. Hydro Flask has different products other than their famous water bottles. 11. Hydro Flask has partnered up with three non-profit organizations to help support nature and parks. By giving funding to these organizations, together they can help the environment become a better place Key Insight The founder, Travis Rosbach, made Hydro Flask so that people could help keep the environment clean along with people having a reusable water bottle that could keep their beverages cold or hot while going on that outdoor adventure. Product: Key Features What Is the Product? 1. Hydro Flask is a stainless-steel water bottles that are vacuum-insulated and keep cold drinks cold or hot drinks hot for hours. 2. Hydro Flask has a variety of products from their water bottles, cups and tumblers, coolers, bottle slings, and other accessories for their products. 3. Hydro Flask has over 230+ colors to choose from that bests fits your style. 4. Hydro Flask ranges from $7.95 - $150 varying on the product and their size. The water bottles come in sizes of 12oz - 64oz. What Is the Purpose of the Product?
1. The purpose of Hydro Flask is to make go-anywhere gear that enables and elevates outdoor adventures. 2. Hydro Flask wants customers to be satisfied with the idea of having the desire temperature of their preferred beverage at that temperature for a long period of time. 3. Hydro Flask is eco-friendly making it BPA free, easy to clean, and to be reusable. What Is the Product Made of? 1. The water bottles are made with 18/8 pro-grade stainless-steel to ensure that pure taste and no transfer of flavor. 2. The water bottles also have TempShield technology keeping ice cold beverages cold up to 24 hours and hot beverages hot up to 12 hours. 3. Lid of hydro flasks are made of Polypropylene plastic resin known as 5# plastic. This plastic is FDA-approved. 4. Hydro Flask is vacuum-sealed insulated and is made with double-wall stainless steel, they are leak-proof and sweat proof Who and What Made and Distributed the Product? 1. Travis Rosbach and Cindy Weber are the creators of Hydro Flask. The ex-couple were dissatisfied with that idea of commercial water bottles so that's when they came up with the idea of Hydro Flask. That way outdoor adventurers have a reliable water bottle that will keep their beverages at a temperature of their liking while being on that outdoor adventure. 2. Hydro Flask is sold online through their website, sold at nearby stores around you, and/or sold through different authorized dealers. Key Insight Hydro Flask products are convenient, eco-friendly, affordable, and that accessory you need for that outdoor adventure or a simple on-the-go reusable water bottle. Marketplace Trends 1. During the Summer of 2019, Hydro Flask became popular due to influencers or teenagers posting videos about the water bottle on the platform known as Tik Tok. 2. Tend to have sales on their website and give 15% off peoples first order when entering their email address. 3. You can trade-in your old Hydro Flask. When trading it in, you're recycling it but for a trade-in you must go to Hydro Flask website, register your product, ship it to the company, they'll do the rest of the work, and you'll receive $5 promo code to use for future purchases. 4. By using their reusable water bottles, it helps keep the environment clean from the toxic particles that plastic water bottles have. Key Insight Hydro Flask is helping the environment by distributing better alternatives for water bottles that are not plastic and harmful. Target Audience: Demographics, Psychographics and Behaviors
The target audience for Hydro Flask are for males and females ages 15-40 year old's who are outdoor craving adventurers. Some of the target audiences are those who are not those outdoor adventurers but are looking for a reliable water bottle that they can have with them without having that hassle using a commercial water bottle that don't have the same benefits that hydro flask does with their water bottles. Demographics 1. The average age of the target audience is 15-40 year old's. 2. Majority are teenagers or young adults wanting to invest on amazing water bottle. 3. People in the USA, Canada, and some international countries can purchase the product. 4. Typically targeted to those who enjoy being outdoors. 5. Members of the target audience are either in high-school, in college, or simply enjoy those outdoor adventures. Psychographics 1. Hydro Flask focused their products on being eco-friendly and giving that excitement for outdoor adventures 2. By making their products in many different colors, it draws customers attention and once they purchase the product; it will make them use it on a everyday basis. 3. Hydro Flask has grown so much since 2009 and currently has 617K followers on their social media account Instagram and 26.1K followers on Twitter. 4. Because of their focus on keeping the environment clean, they are passionate about environmental issues: They recycle their products if customers who have their products want to trade it in and want to purchase a new one. Behaviors 1. Hydro Flask uses their social media accounts to draw the attention to new or current customers about any new launches they might have. 2. Most of the target audience might not have all Hydro Flask products. 3. Aim to those who want a convenient and reliable water bottle that keeps their beverages hot or cold when going on that outdoor adventure. Key Insight Product Benefits 1. Eco-friendly product by not trashing plastic harmful wastes to our environment. 2. Dishwasher safe 3. BPA-Free 4. Non-Toxic Direct Competitors and Brand Images Direct competitors are name brand water bottles: 1. YETI - Yeti is one of Hydro Flask's biggest competitors. Though they are about the same in pricing, Yeti's products are said to be more durable than hydro flasks water bottle.
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