Identifying my own personal brand (1)

IDENTIFY YOUR PERSONAL BRAND 1. Who are you as a person? a. I am a young vibrant marketing professional. 2. What is your story? What makes you "you"? a. I was born in Germany and raised in North Carolina. I'm a special southern gem trying to make it in the professional world up north. 3. What is your background? What are your hobbies and interests? a. I enjoy crafting and creating my own digital content online, including websites. 4. What key experiences, perspectives, and expertise do you bring to the table? a. I created my own personal brand a few years ago and amassed millions of users to engage with, giving me real-world experience in my field. 5. What are your strengths and weaknesses? a. I have served in leadership roles on different college campuses before and have a strong sense of community. I get nervous when I have to speak publicly and I am emotional. 6. What steps are you going to take to improve your skills? a. I constantly play with different softwares and platforms online to find new ways to create content online. 7. What is your professional passion? a. I love all things marketing. 8. What personal qualities and characteristics make you unique? a. I'm under 5 feet which leads a lot of people to underestimate me, which helps me leave an everlasting impression on potential employers. 9. How are you different from other students taking a social media class? a. I've been living on my own for over 5 years now and pay for all of my own personal expenses, including college tuition. I'm passionate about my work and want to enter the professional world ASAP. 10. What steps are you going to take to achieve your ideal personal branding status? a. I'm going to create more websites to build a nice portfolio for future employers. 11. What three, four, or five topics will you focus on to establish your thought leadership in the community, in the profession, and on social media? a. I focus on trends, breaking news, technological news, local news and celebrities to keep up with the community, marketing world and social media world. 12. What overarching theme or message do you want brands, practitioners, and professionals in the industry to know? a. I want people to know that I am here to create the most visually pleasing and engaging content I'm able to offer, and I enjoy competition. 13. What main areas of expertise do you want professionals to know you have? a. I have On-Site SEO training, Off-Site SEO training, and I know how to build websites. 14. What three industries or specializations do you want to identify with? a. Marketing, Digital Marketing, and SEO marketing. 15. Construct your own lists of professionals, brands, blogs, Twitter handles, and others you want to engage with online:
16. Lists of influencers in the industry you want to work in a. Gary Vaynerchuk b. Ryan Deiss 17. Lists of agencies, brands, and companies you want to work for a. WEBFX 18. Lists of professionals you're inspired to be like when you graduate a. Gary Vaynerchuk 19. Lists of internship and job opportunities a. WEBFX
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