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Jordan Shearn-Foster 1-3 Short Paper: Branding Prof. Stefanski 04 March 2023 1-3 Short Paper: Branding The purpose, principle, and positioning behind branding serves to be a very important aspect in the commercial world. This is done because each brand has something different to offer to different audiences around the world (Newswire, 2019). The purpose of branding is to simply advertise new products to consumers and communicate thoroughly with them (Newswire, 2019). The principle behind branding consists of the practice of "Brand Strategizing" (Newswire, 2019). For a company to be successful, one must first create a brand strategy (Newswire, 2019). This will help business better understand consumers desires for products for better trust (Newswire, 2019). Also, doing so will create an automatic relationship with brand and consumer to where consumers may think of them first when buying items (Newswire, 2019). With the help of utilizing the idea of brand strategizing, a distinction can be made within brands to make them stand out more to the public (Newswire, 2019). The purpose of branding is to simply advertise new products to consumers and communicate thoroughly with them (Newswire, 2019). The brand that I will be utilizing as an example is the brand of "Apple". Apple is a good example of the principle behind creating a brand strategy via brand positioning. Reason being, when Apple first came out, they utilized the idea of expectation where some were set into place, which were to have inclusivity and diversity (Dvornechuck, 2022). Because the purpose of brand strategizing is to develop a desire audience, apple capitalized on the inclusivity and
diversity desire by adding ways they can achieve this goal (Dvornechuck, 2022) Ways Apple wished to achieve this goal were through two important aspects consisting of Brand values, Vision Statement (Dvornechuck, 2022) Another example of a brand utilizing "Brand strategy" in their own way is the company entitled "Starbucks". Starbucks focused on the brand strategizing by focusing on aspect of brand vision (Dvornechuck, 2022) This was done by Starbucks first formulating a vision/mission statement, which was to "carry the best-known coffee in the world" (Dvornechuck, 2022) Once a vision statement is made, then it would provide a clear understanding of what needs to be done for the next steps within the brand (Dvornechuck, 2022). As stated, branding plays a huge role in the commercial world. Not only does it play a part in the commercial world, but it also takes form in the consumer world. Without the help of brand strategizing, the formula to create a successful product wouldn't be as attainable. Finding the purpose and then focusing on the principle of branding is what also helps companies gain that foundation for a successful product. Brand strategizing helps set the tone for businesses and companies to be unique when advertising their products. Because of this, the consumer world is continuously captivated by a numerous number of brands that partake in the practice of the principle brand strategizing.
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