Atlas Sunscreen Co. Julia Hulett
Table of Contents Executive Summary Elevator Pitch Company Mission and Vision Statements SWOT Analysis Goals Key Performance Indicators Target Customers Industry Analysis Competitive Analysis and Advantage Marketing Strategy Team Implementation Plan Financial Projections
Executive Summary Atlas Sunscreen formulates sunscreen products made without Oxybenzone and Octinoxate to keep our fish friends safe. We sell spray sunscreens, lotion sunscreens, sunscreen travel sticks, baby sunscreens, SPF lip balms, and sun protection shampoos. Atlas is committed to formulating the highest level of protection for your skin and the reefs. Our main goals at Atlas Sunscreen are to produce high quality, Earth friendly, and skin safe products. Atlas inspires humanity with knowledge based, chemical free protection. Atlas' vision is to become the most popular sunscreen in the world. We make it possible for you to spend your days in the sun without harming your skin. Financial performance is a big strength of Atlas Sunscreen because the cash flow is carefully observed and the cost to create our product will be pretty low. Chemical free sunscreen is growing in stores across the U.S. and I hope to soon open our own store on the Florida coast! A weakness that Atlas has is higher prices. This is because it is a high quality product that should not be given away. The biggest opportunity with Atlas is the expansion of markets. There is a ton of room to develop and expand in the marketing world of sunscreen. Threats to Atlas are low quality and low priced sunscreens. Atlas is expensive because it is an organic, chemical free, healthy product, unlike cheaper brands. In order to achieve our 5-year goals, we would like to expand to a new geographical market and perhaps market via a different channel. Marketing is a dynamic field that changes and evolves every day. We have set ourselves a few goals for the next quarter. These include doubling our sales, developing a new product and hiring an employee. We want to increase sales by shipping within the U.S. This will help us reach more customers. A new product could be a small roll-on stick of sunscreen for the face or similar. The new product will keep our customers interested to see what else we have to offer. We care about how customers feel about our products and keep track of their feedback. Our key performance indicators include points about customer satisfaction as well as managing income. Atlas Sunscreen's target market consists of people who work outside, those with sensitive skin, beach goers, and kids who play outside. We strive to provide the best protection possible to our beloved fellow sun lovers. Atlas has many competitors but few stand for the same healthy living that we do. There are many sunscreen companies that make sunscreens with cheap ingredients that can be toxic to humans and sea life. These products sell at a cheaper rate because they are of less quality. Atlas' pricing strategy will focus on maintaining the same prices across the board. Our formula at Atlas Sunscreen is created by some of the most highly educated dermatologists in the country. Our team consists of the most experienced and knowledgeable marketers, accountants, and sales people. We provide competitive pay for employees and an incredible experience for customers. Atlas will be set up with an EIN number and a sales tax number. We will begin renting and renovating a building in Manchester, Vermont to make and store our products. Atlas will require a few machines to formulate and bottle our products, these will be purchased right away with the accumulated $242,000 in start-up funds. Atlas will attain the ROI in year 3 with a net income of $22,000. Its ROI on investments will be 8.2% in
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