Media Buying & Ad Sales

Media Buying & Advertising Sales Media planning versus media buying In media agencies or larger full service agencies media planners and buyers are separate positions - Smaller agencies often combine the responsibilities into a single role The media planning material we've already reviewed is largely handled by the media planner Media buyers take the plan/ recommendations and execute it Other things I'd say Media planning & buying are the "easiest" way into entry level advertising agency jobs - Typically lots of entry level positions are available like these recently posted on Indeed: - https://www.indee stant+media+plann er&l=New+York%2C+ NY&sort=date
Media Buying & Advertising Sales Media buying job responsibilities Media buyers do work closely with media planners but they usually have separate responsibilities including: - Sharing information with the planner Buyers have a lot of direct communication with ad sales people about audiences, ad rates, available research, etc. - They share that information with media planners - Making vehicle selections from recommended lists Planners recommend the media budget allocation (which media/how much $) and lists of possible vehicles within those media (e.g. which magazines, which websites, which TV networks/shows) Buyers have discretion to choose among these and final choices may depend on rate negotiations - Negotiating ad rates Buyers negotiate deals, ad rates, etc. with media ad sales people (ad salespeople usually called Account Executives) - Monitoring vehicle performance Buyers closely track audience measurement results like radio and TV ratings, digital audience delivery, etc. - Post campaign analysis Buyers assess campaign performance against reach/frequency and other goals Follow-up with media vehicles/outlets on audience guarantees Other things I'd say Major media typically provide audience guarantees to advertisers/ad agencies - When the vehicle under- delivers (e.g. the audience is smaller than promised) the advertiser/agency is entitled to a "makegood" Over-delivery does not result in any additional payment - Makegoods are additional advertising time/space given as compensation for target audience under- delivery
Media Buying & Advertising Sales Media buying and ad sales are two sides of the same coin Agency media buyers buy ad space/time and media account executives sell ad space/time - Both work with the same audience measurement information we've been talking about The ad agency is looking to locate the target in media vehicles, the media are looking to show that target is in the audience of their vehicle - Both work toward a common goal; a mutually beneficial deal notwithstanding the media rebate scandal we learned about early this semester Other things I'd say For professionals in ad sales/media buying there's traditionally lots of routine, day-to-day activity - Issuing requests for proposals for space/time, submitting quotes, prospecting for new buyers of space/time, completing ad insertion orders - Negotiating deals, meetings, follow-up, agreements, "paperwork", etc.
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