Mass Com Nielsen TV Ratings Assignment 1-Nielsen is making a device known as an audiometer available to panel households. These devices collect viewing data from your home TV and send it back to Nielsen. Nielsen then uses panel audience data to estimate ratings for the United States as a whole. Nielsen, know that measurement works for everyone, and they need to measure everyone, everywhere. their proprietary technology can identify playback on TVs inside and outside your home, including airport, clinic, hotel and bar/restaurant playback. It also measures how long viewers are watching, whether live, recorded via DVR or video on demand, and provides accurate people- level measurements across all platforms and devices. Determine who's watching your programs to properly price ad inventory and make critical programming decisions. Accelerate your TV audience targeting initiatives to go beyond age and gender demographics. With Advanced Audiences, you can leverage the same segmentation across planning, activation and measurement for continuity and comparability throughout the marketing lifecycle. 2-Reflect how Nielsen affect the TV industry and the viewing public. Nielsen ratings are synonymous with tracking what Americans watch on TV confessed that it had measured viewing time incorrectly, due to technical glitches—not just briefly, but for about a year. It was a failure that cost its most important clients, the major broadcast networks, billions in lost advertising revenue, according to industry estimates that later emerged. Should other firms/companies be considered for TV ratings? Why or why not? (Use an outside resource to help support your thoughts.) Yes TV Ratings is good keep you sure about every details in broadcast industrie and give companies ideas of better experiences without the invading privacy evrything else is fine with TVRatings.TV Ratings measure real people because marketers target people, not devices. Gain an understanding of your viewing audience with person-level metrics that represent multicultural communities with metrics inclusive of age, gender, race, and ethnicity.
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