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Apr 28, 2023
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Version 2005 Version 2012
Version 2014 Nowadays
We can see that old versions of YouTube did not feature as many videos on a screen as a modern YouTube does. We can see that each year YouTube shows more and more videos on a page and they start to take different steps to make people watch these videos. I think it is an effect of the growth in platforms popularity because, the more videos you have overall, the more you need to promote (even in per centage ratio). One of the biggest changes that happened through 2005 to 2011 is the addition of "Trending" page. This feature brought us a lot of fields for development as video makers now had more ways to grow and share their content. And the final thing I would like to notice is the work with users` experience. Nowadays, users have a much easier ways to access their subscriptions, upload videos. They can create different playlists instead of using only one for saved videos. Content makers can now edit videos in YouTube, they can place advertisements in specific spots, and they now have an easier access to their revenue. As for advertises, these changes help them identify and find a group of content creators that might suit their purposes. Also, it can show them the growth of the company over years. Changes are pushed by the growth, modern trends of design, and advertisement needs.
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