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? Post a couple of action steps you are going to take moving forward During my SWOT analysis, I have learnt a lot about myself. For example, I always thought that I had many more weaknesses than strengths. After filling out the SWOT analysis, I have discovered that I have more strengths than weaknesses. I've learnt that I am a reliable and very organized person who likes structure. I slowly understand the importance of speaking and understanding more than one language which has helped me many times during the last couple of years. I have also realized how my weaknesses shape my life and that I have to change something in order to be more successful in my carrier and personal life. I have to understand that I have to stop worrying about the future in order to enjoy my life right now and I also focus too much on things that went wrong instead of focusing what went right throughout the day. This should help me understand that mistakes are okay and that I will learn from them. While thinking about becoming a teacher, I have seen that there are great opportunities currently. Teachers are needed nationwide and I have a good chance to become a teacher within the next couple of years. I did not understand how many opportunities I actually had before I filed out the SWOT analysis. I also understand now that I am good enough to become a teacher, even though I believe that my English is not good enough or that I am not experienced enough in order to be a good and loving teacher. What are my action steps moving forward into the future? I will try and appreciate all of my strengths and I need to stop being too humble about myself and the work I do. I need to work on myself in order to stop focusing on my weaknesses and what of other people think of myself. I will make sure that I use mindfulness in order to appreciate everything that I have and that I am and it will also help me stop worrying about the future.
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