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AI WILL NOT HAVE THE SAME IMPACT ACROSS THE INSURANCE VALUE CHAIN Low impact Medium impact O Significant impact Acquisition & Sales Sales Tracking Channel Market Management & Monitoring Support Development Product Product Definition Filing Account & Contract Market Market Management Research Promotion & Analysis Product Product Sales Pricing Testing Distribution Planning Channel Direct Mgmt. MARKETING Sales Product Sales Execution Actuarial Maintenance Process Product Product Branding Configuration SALES & Product DISTRIBUTION Design PRODUCT MANAGEMENT Commission Management Risk Policy Analysis VALUE CHAIN Validation IMPACT Quotation Loss Validation Risk Control Claims Assessment Inspection Claims Claims Financials - Registration UNDERWRITING & Claims Adjudication Claims RISK MANAGEMENT Validation CLAIMS MANAGEMENT Loss Risk Risk Reserve Claims Creation Acceptance Reinsurance Monitoring Litigation Facility Claims Fraud Referrals & Rating Subrogation Management Negotiation Management Statement Preparation A/C Receivable & Payable POLICY ACQUISITION FINANCE & Issue Quote & SERVICING ACCOUNTS Commission Processing Issue Remittance Processing Policy Quick Quote Collections Processing Policy Endorsements Book Keeping Policy Financial Accounting Renewal In-force Business Administration Costing, Budgeting & Taxation Contracts and Portfolio management Rewrite, Payroll Accounting Reissue Audit Policy Reinstatement Cancellation Asset Management source: SwissRe | Infographic by Antonio Grasso in partnership with SwissRe @antgrasso @ @agrassoblog
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