Building Strong Brands

Building Strong Brands It's about the Why? Tim P. McMahon, MA, PhD
Building Strong Brands Fr om the cust omer p er spective ... brand is a c ol lecti on of p er cepti on s and associati on s that cust omer s h ol d ab ou t a product, a s er vice, or a c om pany. This c ol lecti on embodies values that cr eate meaning f or cust omer s that represent a pr om ise of the ex p er ience cust omer s ex pect when they have c on tact with the brand. Tim P. McMahon, MA, PhD The Little Green Marketing Book 2 READ the screen.
"What I've always loved to do was build a brand that is so cool that you want to wear their t-shirt" Brand is Belief Lee Clow
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