Case study 12&13

Payton Revis Professor Swamy Retail and Consumer studies April 20,2023 Case Study 12&13 Project Fashion Brand: Tueta Matoshi 1. For this project I decided that I would develop a social media marketing plan for the following brand, "Tueta Matoshi". The reason why I selected this brand in particular is because it is personally one of my favorites right now, however I don't think their
marketing is as good as it should be. It's not a well known brand however with the right campaign I believe it could be. 2. The merchandise is luxury dresses that are made-to-order. Specifically these dresses are not as expensive as other luxury dress brands, which is why I believe it is so good, it makes it available to get luxury dresses for everyday consumers for their special events. As well the made-to-order aspect promotes sustainability as they do not make an excess of product and they limit a lot of waste harmful gases. As consumers are expecting more transparency than ever according to Statista. 3. Social Media Marketing Plan: -Step 1: Mission Statement= Our hopes with our social media is that we will post more to All of our socials, deliberately connecting with the younger generations. We specify in luxury dresses that are typically purchased for special events such as, prom, homecoming, wedding, brides maid, birthday, and more. As Gen-z sees more priority in spending more of their budget on clothes according to Statista. We will post behind the scenes of getting submissions to show how the process works and how we as a business are better that big corporations when it comes to purchasing luxury dresses. It is also very important to share and boast about how we are sustainable and price ourselves with creating made-to-order dresses as well as provide statistics regarding how much waste we save. To determine our success of our social we will keep an updated record of statistics that will show us how many people are clicking and or engaging with our post, then we will reflect and see which ones are doing the good and we will proceed from there. There should be monthly updates on our social media accounts and a team talking through comin gup with nuanced ideas for us to produce as a company.
-Step 2: Target Customer= The target customer is aimed at millennials and gen-z. Both of these consumers are more willing to spend more money for quality products as a wave of sustainability is flowing through these generations. With this being said millennials and gen-z have gone through the pandemic known as covid. We see this trend that emerging out of the pandemic more people are going to events and prioritising them after not being able to enjoy them, so it is more likely that their will be more events ensuing that will require the purchase of luxury dresses. The customer would also more likely be in middle class to higher class as the prices are high, however compared to their competitors it is low for the type of quality you receive with the dresses. -Step 3: Competitors= The biggest competitors going against Tueta Matoshi are; Lirika Matoshi, and Dona Matoshi. However I don't necessarily think it is applicable to compare these companies as they are owned all by sisters of the same family. What I would like to do is compare brands outside of the same family such as; Eshakti, a clothing brand that makes custom clothing. For the first company "Eshakti" has 973.7k total visits on their website and started in 2001. The first thing you noticed on their webpage is how they promote that they make custom clothing, they also use this to promote the fact that they are a sustainable company. One thing I think they do good is diversity, when you look on their website they talk about how their clothes can fit anybody and they have models of different shapes and sizes. What is not comparable about the brand is that the designs and the quality of the production and the fabric are nowhere near comparable to Tueta Matoshi, I will say though that Eshakti does have way lower prices. As well as their website and socials are not as aesthetically pleasing compared to Tueta Matoshi who has a superb aesthetic.
-Step 4-7: Social Media Content= We will be focused on posting to the new age social media specifically instagram, and tik tok to help create connections with our target consumers. We will try to put out three tik tok videos per week, these videos will hop on current tik-tok trends to promote out products. We will also comment on people who follow the account in order to create a stronger consumer base, that will hopefuly turn into loyal customers this will be on all social media accounts. With this we will also post on instagram, but more focusing on just photos of our products as well as now posting infographics explaining our role in sustainability with our made-to-order dresses. We will also focus on having our instagram feed look and fit our ethereal fairytale like aesthetic, to create an ambiance that customers will enticed by. We will evaluate after every month on what post are doing well and tracking out engagement and decided how to proceed depending on how the the socials are doing. References "Here Are 8 Trends We're Watching in 2023." Insider Intelligence , Accessed 21 Apr. 2023. "Teuta Matoshi." Teuta Matoshi , Accessed 21 Apr. 2023. "Online Shoppers Expecting More Transparency on Sustainability in the U.S. and UK 2022." Statista , -items/. Accessed 21 Apr. 2023.
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