IMC Plan

1 Integrated Marketing Communications Belinda Hodge The University of Arizona Global Campus BUS622: Global Marketing Dr. Rebecca Lingley April 17, 2023
2 Integrated Marketing Communications According to Green & Keegan (2020), integrated marketing communication (IMC) is a concept global companies are embracing to communicate effectively across borders. One element of IMC is advertising which is a paid message communicated to the community through a variety of channels like TV, digital ads, or print. The challenge is to create these messages for audiences across several markets like Europe or Latin America (Green & Keegan, 2020, p.413). TOMS is a prime example of a company using cause marketing as a foundation to build their brand. Starting in 2006, TOMS One-for-One® concept spearheaded the company's mission
3 to use business to improve lives (TOMS, 2022). It is also the platform for TOMS IMC strategy. An example of this is seen in this print ad: This print ad appeals to TOMS consumers that they can find a styling comfortable shoe and support their community globally. Starting in 2020, TOMS exchanged their One-for-One® concept to "grassroots" partnering. This approach is to support the community, promote sustainability, and charity. To support its "grassroots" partners, TOMS donates 1/3 of their profits as depicted in this video
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