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Apr 24, 2023
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16 | P a g e Unit - III Natural tourism resources of India (20 Marks, 15 Classes) Brief study of National Parks and Wildlife Sanctuaries, Bird Sanctuaries, tiger and crocodile project sites of India Major hill stations, Islands, river and river islands of India Important sea Beaches of India- Mumbai, Puri, Goa, Chennai, Trivandrum and Kerela. Adventure Sports: Existing trends and places of importance for Land based, water based and aero based adventure sports of India Unit - IV Catalyst of Tourism Development in India (20 Marks, 15 Classes) Tourism promotional festivals of India Museum and art galleries of India Tourist Trains in India- Palace on Wheels, Heritage on wheels, Royal Orient Express, Deccan Odyssey, Fairy Queen, Metro trains and Hill trains of India. Important tourism Circuits- Golden triangle - Delhi, Agra and Jaipur, Southern triangle - Mahabalipuram, Kanchipuram and Madurai, Buddhist circuit - Lumbinie, Bodhgaya, Sarnath and Kushinagpur and Green triangle- Guwahati, Shillong and Kaziranga, Bhubaneswar, Puri- Konark Important hotel chains in India REFERRED BOOKS 1. Acharya, R. (1986): Tourism & Cultural Heritage of India, ROSA Publication, Jaipur 2. Harle, J.C. ( ): The Art and Architecture of Indian Sub Continent 3. Hussain,A.A.(1987) : The national culture of India, National Book Trust, New Delhi 4. Jacob, R., Joseph, S., Philip, A. (2007): Indian Tourism Practices, Abhijit Publications 5. Percy, B. ( ): Indian Architecture - Hindu and Buddhist Period 6. Mukerjee, R.K. : The Culture and Art of India: George 7. Raina, A.K, Raina, C. L, (2005) Fundamentals of Tourism and Indian Religion, Principles and Practices, Kanishka Publishers, Distributors, New Delhi-02 8. Sharma, U. (2008): Festivals in Indian Society , Mittal Publication, New Delhi-02 9. Singh, A. ( ): Cultural Tourism in India
17 | P a g e 10. Singh. R. ( ): Dynamics of Historical Cultural & Heritage Tourism 11. Rai. H. C. ( ): Hill Tourism Planning & Development THREE YEAR DEGREE COURSE TOURISM AND TRAVEL MANAGEMENT (GENERAL AND VOCATIONAL COURSE) SIXTH SEMESTER Paper - 601 Tourism Marketing Total Marks-100 Total Credit-08 Internal Assessment Marks-10 Total No. of Class-60 Time-3 Hours (Total 8 questions: Taking 2 question from Unit I carrying 10 and 5 marks respectively, 2 question from Unit II and Unit III carrying 15 marks each and 2 questions from Unite IV carrying 10 and 5 marks respectively) Unit I: Understanding of Marketing (15 Marks, 10 Classes) Marketing: Concept and defination and its significance in tourism industry Basic concept of need and want; demand, product, service, market and sales Significance of service and characteristics of service marketing, differentiation of product marketing and service marketing. Defining marketing mix, the 8 P's of marketing mix Unit II: Market Research (30 Marks, 20 Classes) Understanding of marketing research, Concept of primary data, secondary data, qualitative and quantitative data and marketing information system (MIS) and its function Consumer and consumer behaviour, Factors influencing the buying behaviour of consumers Market segmentation and bases for segmenting consumers markets, targeting and positioning and market strategies Unit III: Marketing Mix in Tourism Industry (30 Marks, 20 Classes)
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