Step 12 DMU F

Step 12: Determining the Customer's Decision-Making Unit (DMU) Worksheet End User Persona (Step 5) Economic Buyer Persona Name Chris Jackson Anessa Lopez Title Stylist Client Demographic Summary A Male 24 years old 36,000 a year Freshman year dropout cosmetology degree Art major at Texas State Mom, sister, and nephew, no kids, African American Female 28 2 Kids with curly hair and she cant seem to figure out how to style Executive of a popular fashion brand Resides in Georgetown Tx Psychographic Summary determined, Bold lifestyle, Leadership qualities, CEO traits, creative, hard-working, free-spirited, colorful, innovative, adaptable, extrovert stressed about her hair, but passionate about finding a new stylist she can trust and rely on, very busy being a single mother of 2 Proxy Products Instagram, Tik Tok, Pinterest, Vision boards, magazines Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok Watering Holes Clubs, social media, hair groups Family, meetings, social media Priorities (Top 4 in order) 1.owning hair shop 2. Gaining more client 3. Financial independence 4. Brand promotion 1. Taking care of children 2. Continuing to be successful with her brand 3. Making sure her hair is healthy and taken care of 4. Key Selling Points to this Person 1. Marketing features 2. Big platform for stylists to gain clients 3. Low subscription price 1.only platform (social media) strictly for hair 2.many different stylists to choose from 3.reliable and trustworthy app Primary Influencers Secondary Influencers Champion / advocate Veto Power Primary Influencers Secondary Influencers Champion / advocate Veto Power People Other hairstylist Family Other stylists Her friends, other moms models Her mom Organizations Austin hair groups Hair salons bank Business gatherings Info Sources Group meetings, social media Other hair shops Reddit, yelp Social media magazines Others His inspiration Lack of trust and fearI
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