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MKT 229 Milestone Two Worksheet Download this document to your computer and replace the bracketed text with the relevant information. Then submit the completed worksheet for this milestone. Be aware that in the final project, these elements will be submitted in essay format , as outlined in the Final Project Guidelines and Rubric document (in the Assignment Guidelines and Rubrics section of the course). Section I, Part E: SMART Goals For this component of Section I (Background and Analysis), create three to five SMART goals for your marketing campaign. Remember that the acronym means specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and timely. Each SMART goal should contain all of these elements in relation to your integrated marketing campaign. Also, be sure to consider how these goals build on information presented in your target market analysis and align to strategic plans. In the spaces provided below, describe each smart goal and then describe how the goal aligns to your target market analysis. 1. SMART Goal Description: [Creat a new and fun monthly subscription never have done before.] Alignment to Target Market Analysis: [With the new generation of online shopping this would create a new traffic of customers from local to all around the world to generate traffic to the SNHU Pet Supply Company.] 2. SMART Goal Description: [Creat a Box for local customers to be able to buy in person] Alignment to Target Market Analysis: [This will generate traffic for local customers and there pets.] 3. SMART Goal Description: [Be able to sell the toys and treats separately instore and online by the end of the year.] Alignment to Target Market Analysis: [Having subscription boxes allows pet owners to see what toys and treats there pets enjoy and would love to buy separately with give them the option to be able to.] Section II: Creative Strategy Statement and Creative Brief 1. Creative Strategy Statement: In the space below, write a one-sentence statement that conveys the overall message of your marketing campaign. [Insert text.] 2. Creative Brief: A creative brief highlights how the creative strategy statement will reach its audience and create marketing opportunities. The creative strategy brief should consist of
guiding questions for your campaign. Refer to the Indeed article from the resource section for information on what a brief should look like. In the spaces provided below, answer the given questions. Then add and answer two or three of your own questions according to your target market information and the creative strategy statement that you wrote. Why are we advertising? [Increase new traffic locally and online.] Who is our audience? [Local pet owners and pet owners all around the United States.] How do they currently think about our product? [They love SNHU Pet Supply Store with all the great food for their pets needs and accessories, but would love more for their pets such as more and fun toys and great treats that are specifically made in America. How would we like them to think about our product? [We want to make SNHU Pet Supply customers to be the first thing they think of when there pet is in need of any food or toys or need for there pet.] What make you think a subscription box would generate more traffic? [As a pet owner myself my pets love toys and treats and to be able to develop an interaction with my pet for them knowing that a package is for them would develop a better connection and bonding time to play with my pet.]
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