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Apr 27, 2023
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Managing for Value Creation (MKTG 90037) — Semester 1, 2023 Case Study Discussion Guide Overview: A set of company cases will be discussed at the weekly seminar during this semester. Students will work in a group of 4-6 members to prepare for the case study discussion. Each group will be scheduled to take the lead in the discussion on the nominated case study for that week. All students are expected to read the case materials before each weekly seminar and be prepared to participate in the case discussion (regardless of whether they are in the leading group). Assessment Weighting: Case discussion is worth 10% of the total mark for the subject. The assessment will be based on the quality of the group case presentation/discussion, as well as your individual overall participation in the case discussion throughout the semester. Deliverables: 1. For their nominated case study, the leading group(s) will work together with the group members and prepare the case study discussion following the structure as indicated in the case study reading material . 2. Each group should take the lead in a case presentation/discussion for at least 15 minutes . 3. All group members are expected to actively participate but equally all students in the class are expected to participate. We are aware that across the potentially 65 or so students in each weekly seminar, it may be hard to participate in each case discussion, but we do expect some participation across all the cases. As you are trying to determine what theories to use, please pay particular attention to the theories covered in class for that week.
Schedule: Week Date Commencing Leading Group Case 1 27 th of February 2023 Lecturer Case discussion introduction & Australian wine case 2 6 th of March 2023 Group 1 LEGO 3 13 th of March 2023 Group 2 & 3 QANTAS 4 20 th of March 2023 Group 4 Australian Red Cross LifeBlood 5 27 th of March 2023 None (group presentations for Assignment 1) 6 3 rd of April 2023 Group 5 Doritos 7 17 th of April 2023 Group 6 Netflix 8 24 th of April 2023 Group 7 & 8 Tesla 9 1 st of May 2023 Group 9 Zoos Victoria 10 8 th of May 2023 Group 10 Epinephrine Auto-Injector 11 15 th of May 2023 Group 11 & 12 Bendigo Bank 12 22 nd of May 2023 None
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