Hidden Brain

Robbie Rosato Professor Salomon MKTG 3596 4/2/23 Hidden Brain: This is Your Brain on Ads The podcast, "This is your brain on ads" is an audio episode that examines how advertising affects consumers' behavior and decision-making. To learn more about how advertisements affect the brain, the host analyzes the fields of neuroscience and marketing. The episode also touches on marketing for attention and how it impacts both people and society, as well as the ethics of advertising and its effects on children. Overall, the podcast offers good insight into the influence of advertising and how it affects decisions and behavior in people. When it comes to myself in today's world, ads do influence me to choose a brand over another. An advertisement I recall from my childhood was the toaster strudel breakfast pastry. Seeing the commercials for this pastry along with its frosting packet, made me only want to have it more since it looked so good. It would be the only thing I'd want in the morning. I personally think ads should be regulated for kids since they have a lot of power to influence them. These kids' exposure to harmful content could lead them to unhealthy habits like food or drink. The attention economy is something that can be very helpful as it could help companies have better products while it could lead to addictive behaviors. Personally, I believe that it does more harm than good since it could impact people's mental health, such as anxiety, depression, and addiction. The attention economy can be very exploitative and is not good when it is in the wrong hands.
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