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BUS 330
Apr 30, 2023
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Hello everyone, Include the brand you have selected from the list above to do your marketing internship. The brand I have selected to do my marketing research on was Bank of America. Evaluate the four utilities of customer value for the brand you chose and explain the reasons you selected the brand. The four utilities of customer value for Bank of America are form, time, place, and possession. The bank of America's stability and trustworthiness provides their consumers that they are he bank that they can take their money to, which conveys form. Time is used by the brand to make sure that products and services are delivered in an efficient amount of time. Such as making sure that a customer's paycheck is deposited on time. The many branches that serve its' clientele, utilizes as place. And finally, Bank of America allows leases for customers can pay to own property and vehicles. The reason why I have selected this brand is because of its' huge reach it has for its' customers and it's reputations. Provide a link to a representative tweet from your brand that you believe captures its unique selling proposition (USP).
https://pbs.twimg.com/media/FpgpEPgWAAwcrzZ? format=jpg&name=medium o Using your textbook, define what constitutes a USP in your own words. USP mean the unique selling point or position of a business. This means the question of what makes the brand better than its' competition. o How would you describe your brand's USP? Bank of America's USP can be described as a business that focuses on its' customers but how it can improve themselves and their customers experience in the future. To make the process faster and more efficient. o How is USP reflected in your chosen tweet? The USP is reflected in the tweet above as being a quote from an individual that not only work with those inside of their business but outside in their community. And creating a goal that further expands its thinking on how things can be better for everyone. Analyze the three main aspects of Kotler's Marketing 3.0 proposition for your brand:
o Customers' demand for engagement and collaboration Bank of America makes it business accessible for those to serve their needs. With multiple locations and a phone app that allows it's clientele to have most of what they need at their fingertips. o The globalization paradox Bank of America fits into the globalization paradox by having multiple branches all over the world. Such as Asia, Europe, and the United States. o The drive for self-actualization The drive for self-actualization is by having its' customers the ability to access their account from the customer's own phone. It also gives customers advise on finances, security, credit scores, and more. Citations: Banking, credit cards, loans and Merrill Investing . Bank of America. (n.d.). Retrieved March 9, 2023, from https://www.bankofamerica.com/ Https://pbs.twimg.com/media/fpqa835vgai4aep?format=jpg&name=medium . Politics. (2022, April 6). Retrieved March 9, 2023, from https://www.politics.com/c/factcheck/httpspbstwimgcommediafpqa835vgai4aepformatjpgn amemedium Unique selling proposition (USP) - entrepreneur small business encyclopedia . Entrepreneur. (n.d.). Retrieved March 9, 2023, from https://www.entrepreneur.com/encyclopedia/unique- selling-proposition-usp
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