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Nike - Behavioral - Nike is about providing benefits to customers through clothing, comfortable footwear, and essential sports equipment. Nike also creates a series of versions for a product to satisfy the preferences of each customer. Psychographic - Nike's psychographic segmentation tackles offering their customers a selection of products that can cater to their needs and suit their interests. This stage in the Nike market segmentation allows Nike to explore the preferences of every customer. Gatorade - Gatorade uses psychographic and demographic segmentation in order to serve the changing needs of the consumers in a better way. Gatorade is targeted to athletes, who need to replenish the electrolytes and hydrate themselves after a workout or game and hence it is targeting people with interest in sports Spotify - Spotify uses geographic and demographic to ensure your campaign is specifically targeted towards your target market: Age ranges are between 13 - 65 years old showing a great breadth of ages to target - think 15/16 year old's for Colleges and 17/18 year old's for University as an example. Samsung phone - geographic and demographic. Samsung Guru mobile phone brand is a segment primarily for mobile phone users in rural areas. At the same time, the Samsung Galaxy Segment is more in tune with urban dwellings. Samsung has a global target audience with the sale of smartphones and tablets in all parts of the world. In India, which has a very large population and potentially offers a huge market for users of mobile devices, Samsung is a leader in the provision of affordable mobile phones that satisfy the particular demands of Indian consumers. Beats - geographic and demographic. 16-24[-years-old] - that's the culture they care about; that's what they're passionate about." The co-founder, Jimmy Iovine (n.d.), mentioned that Beats headphones target age groups of Tweens and Generation Y (Millennials). These groups varies between 18 and 35. Doritos - Demographic and psychographic, Doritos' primary segmentation is with the demographic value; age. Their primary targets are younger people between the ages of 16 and 24, so college or university students, mostly. Doritos is also more targeted at males than it is at females, though this is less important than the age segmentation. There is also some segmentation toward income. The target here lies in lower to middle income, as is to be expected when you look at the ages they target. And, as Doritos is a
snack, they also segment on the psychographic variable of lifestyle; the greatest number of people will still eat crisps, but there is a small branch of people who avoid all things unhealthy, athletes and the like. KFC - Demographic, psychographic - KFC has divided market on the basis of psychographic variables as follows: Division by Social Class: Middle class, Upper class and Lower class Life Style: Luxury and Indulgence Personality: Gregarious, Authoritarians and Ambitious people NC State Fair - Demographic psychographic. Fair targets a certain demographic of age . Psychographic is used with lifestyles and interests.
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