7-1 Discussion

1 Hello everyone! After reading over the textbook and the fifth step of Table 1-1 of Program Planning and Evaluation, the example of implementation which I think is most important in this generation and world: Online education. As we can all see, this college is online with many prevalences on online learning and education if even we don't go to college. The online environment has taken over the world and now is the most important source of information. Even me and my father discussed this, is that we don't really watch TV news anymore, but online - we can pick and choose what we want to read on bbc, cnn., or cnbc, etc. TV can be manipulative and very powerful, but online seems quiet to read and can provide a lot information! Social media wise - my program/grant for minimizing teen pregnancies would be best reached by FB. Overall, Mark Z., is the richest in the world right? Websites, advertizements, etc and sites off of FB are best, however our generation has to come to people just pushed the F app and information comes and it's real. According to Healthcare success.com, "[Socal media - FB] is the undisputed leader of the pack with chose to over 700 million users, nearly half of the American population" But more important than it's size alone, FB is fast becoming a primary resource for users looking for health information" (Healthcare success.com, 2023). Other than FB, I really do believe that off of FB marketing al is achievable on the regular internet ads. According to Perrin, "Depending on your field of study, many government documents are posted online through specific agency websites" (Perrin, 2016). FB has flaws, however, I understand it has taken over society as the main social media business, however, I was raised with just the online environment with websites such as the CDC,
2 WHO, UNICEF, WHO, int., and news pages. However those public health agencies and stakeholders are on FB to educate and inform the vast majority of the world.. ~Daniel
3 References Health Care success.com (2023). Facebook Fundamentals: A guide to social media in healthcare marketing . https://healthcaresuccess.com/blog/medical-marketing-advertising/facebook- fundamentals.html Perrin, Karen (2016). Essentials of Planning and Evaluation for Public Health Programs . Jones & Bartlett Learning, LLC.
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