Sex Paper #1

Sex Paper Brief Paragraph #1 Lubricants is the sexual product I chose. I decided to pick these sexually related products because there are many different kinds, and they all represent different meanings and ideas to reach the same sexual pleasure at the end. Walmart is the location for researching these sexual products. I chose this location, because it was a convenience to me at the time. Brief Paragraph #2 The products I researched that were displayed in Walmart gave market to a population of different categories. Majority of the lubricants come from the KY brand, while the others are from Trojan and Durex. Two of the KY products spotlight the male spectrum of sexuality and can be used by any category of men. On the other hand, there were two different KY brands that highlighted the market use of couples. The use of the female-only population was emphasized through another one of the KY products. The Trojan lubricant markets both the female and male spectrum of sexuality, no matter their preference in the population. Durex promotes the usage of their product to both the male and female spectrum, but mainly to the audience of women. 2 Page Paragraphs Starting with the products, KY Ultra gel and KY True Feel which stresses usage of the male audience. Both of these products were placed in blue packaging, which symbolizes the imagery of male-only use. The KY Ultra gel package represented an ocean-like illustration that indicates the meaning that intercourse should include wetness and slipperiness between partners. Located on the package, the words "not too thick or thin" gives the idea for the item inside to be just right to use for sex. The context behind the word "smooth" on the box gave emphasis of the ease and trouble- free idea when it comes to putting the liquid on the penile region. Further, it gives the notion the individual will barely notice you have the item on during a sexual act. The indication of the sex product being non-greasy, and sticky gives a sense that the vagina shouldn't be messy, gooey, or oily in sense when a sexual act occurs. Moving on to the KY True Feel product, which represented a dark masculine picture of sexuality. "Premium Silicone Lubricant" was labeled on the box, which displays the message to males this is the best, top-notch product to use for a sexual action. "Non-irritating" underlines the product being comforting and soft for the penile and vagina region; instead of becoming irritated during sex. On top of that, the box accents on being a long- lasting, which heightens the moisture for the sexual interaction to last longer. The increase of this moisture will allow for a more intimate, connected bond for the individuals during intercourse. The common message that I primarily took note of were the number one doctor recommended label on both products, which gives the impression that doctors highly considered these lubricants as the most acceptable for sexual intercourse. Next, the focus of the sex products from a couples perspective. KY Love Passion and KY Yours and Mines underlines the sexual usage for individuals who are in relationships. Beginning with KY Love Passion, which was packaged in a mixture of pink and dark pink colors. These colors gave me the indication of very intimate, love-making sex between partners. This package gives the message of being able to amplify the passion between 2 people by adding this exciting sensation. Additionally, this high passion can lure you and your partner to learn new sexual pleasures. These meanings create a stigma of sexual
construction by..... This stigma creates the bias that people in relationship will feel more bonded and nurtured to each other through passion sex, instead of non-passion sex that can create the same emotions in a sense. KY Yours and Mines focused on the heterosexuality aspects of couples in the population. This product highlighted this imagery with the mixture of pink and blue on the package, which paints the picture that heterosexual men and women should use it. By the same token, the product deciphers a magical, galaxy-like demonstration that contributes to the warming, thrilling experience for both individuals. These context clues give the meaning that couples should have intimate, fiery, high chemistry sex. Along with, gaining new sexual techniques for these relationship people that creates new pleasures for both. This product reaffirms sexuality by indirectly stating that sex is only experienced between a man and woman, because that is primarily the normal orientation of society.
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