Interim Report 1

Alaina Whitehead ADV 442 Interim Report 1: Apple TV Social Media Personas Average engagement per post per week. Average likes,shares,comments, and reactions per Facebook post. 1. How did your secondary research inform the social media personas you created? Include citations for the reports you used for your secondary research (APA style strongly recommended, but not required). I used the demographics in my secondary search to create two social media personas.The resource I used was Winmo, not only did they show
me the social demographics but they also gave a detailed description of ad spending. In my secondary research I discovered that Apple Tv's main demographic are males, between the ages of 25-44, have a hispanic background, and have a salary between $0-100k. (Winmo 2023) 2. List at least three insights you learned from the social media audit that might help you develop social media strategy. ( Winmo 2023) Apple Tv's audience has an openness personality type. Target audience has an interest in technology brands. 73% of media properties are Music 3. What, if anything, are people saying about your client on social media? There are a lot of mixed reviews of Apple Tv across social media. There are quite a few people who think Apple Tv is useless and overpriced. Some users complained about the announcers on the MLS commentator sound and other troubleshooting problems. Sources Winmo . (n.d.). Retrieved April 1, 2023, from =quick_search&utm_campaign=profile_visit
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