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ECON 1101
Apr 22, 2023
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Targeting Consumers For a company's products to be successfully promoted, the company must know who it is selling to; that is, who is going to buy and use its products For example, children's television viewing times will feature advertisements for products that appeal to young children and adolescents, such as toys and snack food. Having been made aware of the products, children will often try to persuade their parents to buy the products. Teenagers may also be targeted by advertisements featuring personalities popular with young people. This approach is often used to sell products such as clothing, music and fast food, which are largely bought by this age group. These promotions often take place in the media popular with teenagers; for example, fashion and recreational magazines Products directed towards adult consumers are often advertised during television programs that are popular with adults, as well as in newspapers and magazines read by adults. Publications such as Woman's Day, New Idea, Women's Weekly and Cosmopolitan are popular with women. Wheels Magazine, The Bulletin and Time are examples of magazines popular with men.
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