17 | P a g e 10. Singh. R. ( ): Dynamics of Historical Cultural & Heritage Tourism 11. Rai. H. C. ( ): Hill Tourism Planning & Development THREE YEAR DEGREE COURSE TOURISM AND TRAVEL MANAGEMENT (GENERAL AND VOCATIONAL COURSE) SIXTH SEMESTER Paper - 601 Tourism Marketing Total Marks-100 Total Credit-08 Internal Assessment Marks-10 Total No. of Class-60 Time-3 Hours (Total 8 questions: Taking 2 question from Unit I carrying 10 and 5 marks respectively, 2 question from Unit II and Unit III carrying 15 marks each and 2 questions from Unite IV carrying 10 and 5 marks respectively) Unit I: Understanding of Marketing (15 Marks, 10 Classes) Marketing: Concept and defination and its significance in tourism industry Basic concept of need and want; demand, product, service, market and sales Significance of service and characteristics of service marketing, differentiation of product marketing and service marketing. Defining marketing mix, the 8 P's of marketing mix Unit II: Market Research (30 Marks, 20 Classes) Understanding of marketing research, Concept of primary data, secondary data, qualitative and quantitative data and marketing information system (MIS) and its function Consumer and consumer behaviour, Factors influencing the buying behaviour of consumers Market segmentation and bases for segmenting consumers markets, targeting and positioning and market strategies Unit III: Marketing Mix in Tourism Industry (30 Marks, 20 Classes)
18 | P a g e Product: Definition and levels, nature of tourism product, Stages of launching a new product, Product life cycle (PLC) Branding concept and need of branding of a product for a tourism company Pricing: Definition and influencing factors; Major pricing strategies for products of tourism industry Communication: Concept and purpose of communication for an organization, process of communication, Barriers of effective communication. Promotion: Major tools of Promotion Mix- Word-of-Mouth Information, Advertising, Sales promotion, public relation, personal and social selling; Importance of Advertising in Tourism, Selection of message and media, Media timing Distribution: definition; factor influencing in distribution policy, distribution system, the role of Travel Agency and Tour Operator as intermediaries of Tourism Industry Unit IV: Destination Marketing (15 Marks, 10 Classes) Necessary attributes for a ideal tourist destination, Destination life cycle, Marketing strategy for promotion and development of a tourist destination REFERRED BOOKS Bisht, S.S. (2010): Tourism Marketing, Market Practices in Tourism Industry , Sarup Book Publishers Pvt. Ltd. New Delhi- 02 Holloway, J.C., Plant, P.V. (1988): Marketing for Tourism, Pitman Publishing, London Jha, S.M. ( ) : Tourism Marketing Kotler, P, Bowen, J & Makens, J (1996): Marketing for Hospitality and Tourism , Prentice Hall, Upper Saddle River, USA, NJ- 07458 Maclean, H. (1984): Marketing Management (Tourism in your Business), Canadian Hotel and Restaurant Ltd. McCarthy, E.J.( ): Basic Marketing - A management approach Stephan, F. et al ( ): Tourism Marketing and Management Handbook , Prentice Hall Wahab, S. G. ( ): Tourism Marketing , Tourism International Press, London Woodruffe, H. (1997): Service Marketing , Macmillan India Ltd, Ansari Road, Darayaganj, New Delhi- 02
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