3580 Listening Exercise (1)

MKT 3580 Listening Exercise Full Name: Katie Kellogg Class Time: 12:30 or 2 PM Please answer the following: What was one of the first two animals you could think up? elephant What could you think about going by? A guff What did schlopp have on top? A cherry You can think about snuvs and what? Their gloves What was Kitty O'Sullivan Krauss in? Big balloon swimming pool over her house How many moons were up in Na-Nupp? 3 moons What does a Zong have? A tail What would you dare do to a Rink-ranker-fink?
MKT 3580 Listening Exercise Yank a tooth What was the Postman's name? Peter How many days a week does the postman cross the ice? Once every day and then on saturday twice What does Beft always do? She always goes to the left
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