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ECE 673
Apr 26, 2023
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Being a smart consumer will save money and add value to your purchase. Using our class presentation on Consumer Choices and Purchasing Motives - answer the following prompts. (Summative 10 points) 1. Identify a product you have purchased in the last month and answer the following: a. What was the product? Is it a national brand name or a generic name? b. When did you purchase it? Did you save money based on the time of day or season? c. Did you research How Much it costs before purchasing? If yes, what research tools did you use? If not, explain why not. d. Where did you purchase it? In-store or online? Name of the store? 2. Identify two resources that are useful in researching price and product comparisons. 3. List three Savvy Shopper Tips you use or plan to use to find the best value. PRODUCT NIKE VAPER PRO gloves BRAND (national or generic) WHEN PURCHASED? (Time of day or season) last week Did this have an impact on the price? yes because it is lax snz PRICE RESEARCH - Yes or No no If yes, what research tools did you use? If no, explain why you did not do any research. because i needed new ones right away WHERE PURCHASED? (Was it in-store or online?) (What was the name of the store?) in store at dicks sporting goods TWO PRICE & PRODUCT COMPARISON RESOURCES online and instore THREE SAVVY SHOPPER TIPS TO FIND BEST VALUE look online price match amazon
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