Chapter 1 homework questions

1. Please list what you believe are the five most important traits/talents/skills that a person needs to be successful in sales. I believe that a person's most important traits to have to be successful in sales is to know how to be personal with the client to develop a relationship. Honesty is also a good trait to gain a client's trust. Able to communicate is a good trait because a conversation will need to be held with a client to feel trusted. Commitment is also a good trait because sometimes a client may need to be chased to feel important to the salesperson. Trustworthy is also a good trait so the client feels that they can trust that the salesperson is doing what is in the client's best interests. 2. Please provide a recent example of when you have "sold" yourself or an idea to a friend or someone else. An example of when I have "sold" myself to a friend or someone else would be when I had to prove myself at work to be seen as worthy enough to run my own shift without supervision. 3. What is CONSULTATIVE SELLING? Consultative selling is helping customers attain strategic goals by using products, services, and expertise of the sales organization. 4. How do you develop a good RELATIONSHIP with someone? To develop a good relationship with someone would be to gain their trust and continue communication to keep the good relationship. 5. What are the important traits of a good RELATIONSHIP? Important traits of a good relationship is trust, communication, commitment, respect, and honesty 6. What is the SALES PROCESS and how long does it take from start to finish? The sales process focuses on solving customer problems, providing opportunities, and adding value to the customers business over an extended period. The sales process can take months from start to finish.
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