STAR interview

his week's assignment is to answer the following behavior based question using the STAR by writing it out. We will practice verbally delivery soon. Here's the question; Tell me about a team when you and your teammate were working on a project and you could not agree on how to complete it? Note, this is the negative question that is looking to trap you into going negative with your response. How do I know...I'm just smart! Seriously, I know because not is in the question. Be thankful for the not but focus on the key parts ; Working on a project, Teammate, What did you do & what did they do. How did it end? Since no mind is ever completely the same, there's your not! Respond with your written answer to this question using the STAR method. Make sure your response can be read in 2-4 minutes. Once you have checked it and committed it to memory, press Submit and forward it for grading. Good luck! Situation Task Action Result A co-worker that I had worked with for several years and myself were asked to develop a marketing strategy for an upcoming sales contest that one of our insurance companies ran for a month, every year. The top independent agencies received bonuses and trips based on the total number of new policies written during contest month as well as the number of new life insurance policies sold during the same period. My co-worker and I both brought different strengths to the table. I had been in charge of many different referral rewards programs within my 12-year employment with this independent agency. My co-worker had done different cold calling and direct mailing projects over the years as well. We had always worked well together within the office setting and taking care of our clients. Although we never worked together on marketing in the past. As we researched new ideas and the effectiveness of marketing done in the past, my co-worker and I narrowed marketing ideas down to my idea of combining and increasing our referral rewards system and her idea of a direct mailer to existing and past clients. Both marketing strategies had been effective in the past and not only brought new clients to our agency but, had also sold new insurance policies to existing customers. Since my co-worker and I could not agree on which strategy was best I suggested we take a look at which referral rewards system were the most effective and which direct mailers were most effective. As my co-worker and I dug in to the data that had been kept by the agency over many years we determined that the most effective direct mailers actually included a referral rewards system. So, my co-worker and I decided to combine our ideas! We did a direct mailer that included an enhanced referral reward system and sent to current customers as
well as past customers. The agency had its most successful contest ever and came in 2 nd in the entire state for new policies written during contest month! And highest amount of life insurance written in the whole state! This is now the main form of marketing that the agency uses every year for the annual contest!
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