Unit One Assignment

Parker Barnes 24 February 2023 Unit One Assignment The U.K. has a new policy on censoring advertisements that deal with gender stereotypes. I personally think that this policy is a good idea. This will help promote healthy lifestyles to the younger audiences and help encourage them as well if they feel a certain way about someone. All the typical stereotypes of men and women are not a thought everyone already has but they are taught and influenced. If companies who have those big influences and have commercials and ads playing all the time and they don't promote those stereotypes the younger generation will be better humans. However such a policy will affect both the companies, producers, and the consumers of the ads. There are going to be a lot more stricter rules and regulations companies will have to follow when creating an advertisement so that their product will be shown. Even if that product is specifically designed for women and their use they cannot show it off in that way or it won't be allowed to air. This might lead to advertisers to start using false advertisements or when it comes to the casting they will have to cast someone who they really don't want playing the part. What is already happening here in the states is that some beauty companies and face product companies, Neutrogena, are making ads with openly gay men and influencers, Eugene Lee Yang, instead of women. Those companies won't use straight men first because they still want people who have a lot of femininity showing off the product. Now from the consumer side of things it might be harder to be reached in the targeted audiences. These companies are being forced not
to be so gender stereotyped, which will blend more of the audiences making it harder to tell what one might want.
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