Visual Communications

This is the time, 1952, when one of the most beloved and infamous spokes-characters of all time was born. Frosted Flakes not only brought along the mascot 'Tony the Tiger,' but also brought a new era of advertising along with it. Spokes-characters then became the new-normal for children's cereal for both Kellogg's and General Mills, the two major cereal manufacturers. (Severson, 2016) Brand mascots on various cereal boxes are an almost certainty to be seen in any grocery store across the country and this is for good reason as there are several psychological connections tied to these mascots. "The Trix Rabbit" and "Toucan Sam" are prime examples of these mascots or 'spokes-characters' that are incorporated by cereal companies to build their brand loyalty with consumers, and more specifically child consumers. Humans have been proven to have clear understandings of the world through anthropometric objects. This practice of anthropometrics is the practice of taking measurements of the standard human body and categorizing that data into specific groups to be used for designers. These cereal companies use that data to create lifelike and proportionate character mascots that are sure to catch the eyes of consumers and create a connection with the brand. Cereal brand mascots are most often used to advertise products to children and teenagers but are not exclusive as mascots are often used with adult cereal products.
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