Marketing Management MKT531G3 Week 2 Discussion 2

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May 21, 2023
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Hello Nereyda, I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your post, it is very detailed and informative. I would like to add that marketers must understand how cultural, social, and personal factors influence consumer behavior in order to develop effective marketing strategies. Consumers tend to develop a preference for certain products and brands because of the influence of these factors, therefore marketers must create a strategy that can appeal to the preferences of consumers, this explains the importance of understanding the impact of these factors. An individual's culture includes their basic values, needs, preferences, and perceptions, as well as learned and observed behaviors from family members and other people of importance. Cultural factors impact the buying behavior of individuals and tend to differ with each country; therefore, marketers need to pay keen attention when analyzing the culture of different groups, regions, and countries. Humans are social beings by nature, the people we interact with on a frequent basis such as family and reference groups tend to influence our buying behavior, additionally our role and status also impact our buying behavior. Personal factors that impact consumer behavior differ with individuals, as there are differences in lifestyle, economic situation, occupation, age, personality, and self-concept (Stavkova & Toufarova, 2008). Reference Stavkova, J., Stejskal, L., & Toufarova, Z. (2008). Factors influencing consumer behaviour. ZEMEDELSKA EKONOMIKA-PRAHA-, 54(6), 276.
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