Marketing Management MKT531G3 Week 1 Discussion 2

Hello Keyliane, I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your post, I must agree with your statement which advised the success or failure of a product or brand depends highly on consumers' perceptions. Perception matters a lot in the world of business, as many have heard the phrase, perception is reality, this phrase is most truthful for marketers aiming to drive attraction, consideration, and purchase of their products and services. Businesses must understand what customer perception is and how it can impact customers' decisions to purchase products or services. Developing a positive relationship with customers will allow the business to be seen in a positive light and maintain the desired level of perception, which ultimately leads to more sales, as well as contribute to the success and longevity of the business (Kotler et al., 2022). Positive customer perception is vital for several reasons, such as building trust, propelling sales, shaping reputation, driving key metrics, and most importantly generating word of mouth. Therefore, a company needs to achieve and maintain a positive consumer perception of its products and services to be considered trustworthy and valuable, as well as a sound buy for investors. When the products and services of a company are of superior quality and value, the company can earn a higher market share (Kotler et al., 2022). Reference Kotler, P., Keller, K. L., & Chernev, A. (2022). Chapter 2: Marketing Planning and Management. In Marketing management (16th ed.). essay, Prentice Hall.
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