Marketing Management MKT531G3 Week 4 Discussion 1

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May 21, 2023
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Based on the information provided by the article, the key factors that mainly contribute to the phenomenal success of Apple include competencies, market achievements, resources, competitive capabilities, product attributes, and most importantly the company's ability to invest increasingly in research and development so they can continue being innovative and revolutionary with the creation of their products. Additionally, Apple's strategic marketing plan has played a major role in the company's success by dominating the market time and time again. Apple has managed to revolutionize the way people listened and played music and games, conversate on the phone, as well as read books, this allowed Apple to keep their existing consumers as well as attract a plethora of new consumers (Kotler et al., 2022). Since the start of Apple, the company has greatly influenced and shaped the market more than any company within the industry. Apple has revolutionized technology and defied every expectation on its way to the top of the industry. The company consistently focused on humanity and making things easier, as well as more convenient for people. Emphasizing focus on humanity is the drive behind Apple's innovative approach and what makes the company thrive at being innovative. Apple takes innovation to the next level as the company ensures product features work seamlessly across multiple devices. This approach is also what allows the company to create products that are highly favored by consumers due to Apple's products being intuitive and user-friendly (Kotler et al., 2022). Since its launch in 2007, the iPhone has proven to be a very successful product for Apple, as this product has the functionality of a mobile phone, portable media player, game console, and handheld computer conveniently compact in a single device. The iPhone outsold the iPod within the first quarter of launching, which was a big deal for Apple as there were concerns surrounding the success of the product due to the high sale price (Kotler et al., 2022). Due to the successful launch of the iPad in 2013, Apple decided to strategize by creating a smaller version of the iPad and called it the iPad mini, the company made consumers feel a sense of empowerment with iPad minis as Apple backed the product with a marketing campaign that was not only inspiring but was perceived by consumers as being powerful. While the iPad was still on the verge of success, Apple launched its first watch, which introduced capabilities such as fitness tracking, access to most apps that are available on other devices, and much more, this product by far showed rapid growth for Apple in comparison to other Apple products. Apple's development strategy is to ensure they are staying ahead of its competitors by being the first on the market, they ensure its products make a difference in the lives of its consumers (Johnson et al., 2012). References Johnson, K., Li, Y., Phan, H., Singer, J., & Trinh, H. (2012, January 1). The Innovative Success that is Apple, Inc. Marshall Digital Scholar. Retrieved November 15, 2022, from
Kotler, P., Keller, K. L., & Chernev, A. (2022). Marketing Management: Knowledge and Skills (16th ed.). Pearson.
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