Marketing Management MKT531G3 Week 7 Discussion 1

Maintaining and managing relationships with customers are tied directly to the financial well-being of a business. Customer relations is a methodology utilized by businesses to engage with consumers to obtain information that will improve the overall experience of the customer, as well as focus on customer satisfaction in order to build customer loyalty. Due to the amount of influence possessed by today's consumers, businesses feel the pressure to invest in their customer service teams and meet the ever-rising demands of consumers. Businesses are now emphasizing a focus on the way they manage their customer relationships, with the goal of creating a mutually beneficial relationship with consumers that extends beyond the initial point of purchase (Kotler et al., 2021). The assigned textbook discusses using a more personalized approach through customization to enhance the service experience that is being provided to consumers, this entails abandoning the usual mass marketing strategy and taking a unique and personal when managing the information and interactions between the business and consumers (Kotler et al., 2021). Another source elaborates on the different faces of mass customization, this focuses on creating products that satisfy the needs of individual customers without compromising the business. The four categories of mass customization involve collaborative customization, cosmetic customization, adaptive customization, and transparent customization. This allows for an organization to customize the packaging, marketing, and cosmetics, or even simply create a product that inherently adapts to its environment. Although each approach is different, this doesn't mean they can't be used in conjunction with each other (Gilmore & Pine II, 2014). The organization where I am currently employed has structured its customer service model and management around the idea that the needs of the patient come first, therefore the organization has represented a new front in healthcare customer service that fosters a culture that exceeds customer expectations and earns deep loyalty from both customers and employees. The organization has created a department designated to patient experience which handles and addresses customers' reported issues, as well as compliments. In addition, the organization recently developed a department called the voice of the customer (VOC) which is solely responsible for developing innovative ideas and strategies to enhance the overall patient experience, such as enabling customers to serve themselves, improve accessibility, measure customer satisfaction, demonstrate appreciation for customers, providing customer empowerment, and much more. This allows for the building of long-term relationships with customers and establishes brand loyalty. Reference Gilmore, J., & Pine II, B. J. (2014, August 1). The four faces of mass customization . Harvard Business Review. Retrieved December 7, 2022, from faces-of-mass-customization Kotler, P., Keller, K. L., & Chernev, A. (2021). Marketing management (16th ed.). Pearson.
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