Marketing Plan Week 5

1 Marketing Plan: H&M Clothing Company Sherika Harris The University of Arizona Global Campus DCJ2232B: Principles of Marketing Sandra Piccillo September 5, 2022
2 Marketing Plan: H&M Clothing Company Section 1 - Company Background This marketing plan for H&M Clothing Company will discuss the assets and why H&M Clothing Company is a significant investment. It will discuss the contribution, commitment, quality, and a new product. H & M clothing company has been around for quite some time. H&M was first established on Oct 4, 1947, in Vasteras, Sweden, by Erling Persson. H&M clothing has many products to choose from. They offer sportswear, underwear, shoes, accessories, cosmetics, home textiles, and decorations. Fashion and quality are H&M's core competencies. H&M pride itself on making its customers happy with the best and most affordable prices. H&M markets its brand by making customers feel good about what and why they buy its products. Although H&M is on the up and up, that doesn't stop its top competitors. H&M Clothing must stay up to speed with its surrounding competition; the Spanish clothing and accessories brand Zara was founded in 1975. It is one of the top fashion companies. The largest distribution group, Inditex, owns it. One of the main strengths of Zara's products is its unique designs. "Zara is most prominent in its native Spain but has managed to expand globally, expanding its brand to include Zara Home." (Parietti, 2022, Investopedia, para.3). Another competitor, Uniqlo, is a Japanese Fashion brand that was established in the year 1949. The company operates in Japan and several other countries. Uniqlo is considered the fastest retail group is aiming to comfort people. "Uniqlo's distribution strategy has centered on the timing of its products' introductions into stores, with new products created as a function, not of quantity, but demand." (Parietti, 2022, Investopedia, para.3). Section 2 - SWOT Analysis In this next section, I have completed a SWOT analysis for H&M's new product line.
3 STRENGTHS WEAKNESS Contour Pallett/ natural colors A variety of colorful eyeliners Matte/Shimmer eye shadow and lip gloss Bold mascara/sizes Bronzer/ primer Foundations of different shades Targeting different cultures, selling well-established brands Global expansion Competitive pricing outsources all of its clothing (when a company hires an outside party to create its products) decreasing demand lack of marketing OPPORTUNITIES THREATS In-house production H&M partnership with alliances such as C&A Product range Respect for their customers Relies heavily on fast trends (current) Counterfeits Rivals against H&M Price war The new line that I would like to market is makeup; H&M sells many brand-name items, including shoes, apparel, household items, and other wonderful products; however, H&M Clothing Company will now market its makeup brand. Contour packages, Matte, and Shimmer eye shadow, the whole start-up kit at the quality-price we are all proud of. This product will thrive because the cosmetic industry is leading the new generation extensively while also maintaining the older generation; adding cosmetics to H&M Clothing will increase popularity, influence more customers, and more knowledge on skincare and safer products. The H&M makeup line will be toxic-free and branded with some of the most non-toxic and environmentally friendly companies worldwide.
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