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Chrome e Edit View History Bookmarks Profiles Tab Window Help G GPLC $ Q 8 Sun Apr 16 1:04 PM What Is Marketing? Quiz: Greg( X Upload Documents for Free Ac X G - Grammarly C Update M Gmail | YouTube Maps O' Brief Contents | H... Course Hero M U-M Weblogin M Employee Self Ser... Final Marketing PI... = BUS201 > Assignments > What Is Marketing? Quiz > SP23_FOURTH Submission Details Grade: 15 / 15 Account Home Announcements What Is Marketing? Quiz Dashboard Grades 7 Gregory Gazarek submitted Apr 2 at 12:47pm Courses Syllabus Outcomes Add a Comment: High lifetime value customers bring more money to a company when managed Calendar Google Drive well. How do you manage these customers to bring more value to your company? E Office 365 Media Comment Attach File Inbox People Measure and improve their satisfaction ave History O Create categories of customer types and treat every customer of that type similarly Studio ? O Help Recognize what brought the customer to the door initially and shape ongoing sales strategy around that occurrence K 26,881 APR 16
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