I believe that gillette throughout its experience and sales in the razor market has done a great job

Written Assignment-2 MKT-3013-005 1. .I believe that gillette throughout its experience as well as sales inside of the razor market has done an existing great job internationally speaking since it retains its essence that belongs to quality, slogan, as well as objective at the same time. Still, its traditional model that belongs to razor shaving inside of the united states as well as other countries, at the time where compared to india as well as the culture that
belongs to this community, there happens to be an existing contrast not so favorable that is going to belong to people who live inside of india, since they have different customs as well as an existing different way that belongs to living life on top of an existing daily basis, inside of india men generally do not shave daily, they also do it sitting on top of simply with an existing bottle that belongs to water as well as an existing mirror, while people inside of the united states generally do it standing up or at the time where bathing, so the traditional model that belongs to the gillette razors. Inside of my opinion, i consider that they do not go along with the type that belongs to demand that happens to be presented inside of india, gillette changed as well as adapted its regular version with an existing higher price, by creating an existing thinner as well as simpler razor, as well as indeed, with an existing much lower cost, this brought very good results inside of its sales inside of india as well as happened to be an existing complete success. 2. I think that the main difference between the razors that are normally sought after and bought inside of the United States as well as inside of India is the great difference in prices that both Americans and Indians happen to be willing to pay. Inside the United States as well as in other countries, people have no problem paying high prices on the possibility that they get the desired quality as well as efficacy that belongs to the product. Not only the price, but other important differences include the consistency with which people shave. For example, inside India, people are not used to shaving as much as people in the United States, so they are not as willing to spend as much money on an existing simple razor that they will not use every day as people in the United States. Inside India, what people look for when purchasing an existing razor is the safety that belongs to the razor, but it also has the characteristics that belong to an existing low price, efficiency, and simplicity, so Gillette first decided to know what people inside of India could as well as would decide to pay that belongs to an existing razor as well as once knowing an existing a Also, people inside of India generally, during the same time that I mentioned before, find the simplicity as well as practicality that belongs to an existing product important, so at the time where they look to buy an existing razor, they tend to go to small stores such as supermarkets as well as not too big stores with wide aisles, so Gillette sought to incorporate its products into the existing market as a product sold also inside of very small stores. 3. Among the changes that exist in the differences of the Gillette razors to those previously presented, was the number of blades that each razor had, this varied depending on the place where they were sold since they were different markets and people with customs and different physical characteristics.
Gillette invented a new razor which had 5 shaving blades, which provided and ensured their clients a safe shave, as well as a reliable and good quality one that allowed the skin to leave a correct sensation. The differences can be noticed not only in the price but in the technology of each shaving machine, clearly over time the advances in the type of preparation of the products are different and the knowledge increases, so the old razor had characteristics of less technology and sophistication. In addition, it also incorporated new types of sales of its rakes, for example, the price varied depending on whether they bought it individually or if they bought it in a package, the increase in their prices could vary depending on this and the number of leaves that the rake had, which I consider that it was important and a good strategy since not all people seek and find the same razor comfortable, this can vary in multiple variables, such as the type of skin and body hair of the people, customs, without forgetting also what that they are willing to pay, that is, the differences in razors are important because the public is different from each other. Another difference was the type of razor in terms of its straight design, Gillete added that the razor had changed in its manufacture and created disposable razors so that their razors did not need maintenance, making them more practical and easier to use. wear. 4. I think so, but with possible modifications that could be adapted to North American culture, however, I think it would be a good idea, since the brand itself has a good image and prestige for society, since it is has overseen taking care of its image and the details of its razors so that they are attractive and comfortable for its clients. I think that Gillette focuses a lot on the type of public and its customs to create the ideal razor for these people. Among the changes that I believe should exist to make it a better sale would be to include different versions, without changing the main idea and the essence of the Gillette guard, but adapting it to more public options, since there are people with different skin types. and he considers all types of public, I think it would be something important for people. I also think that prices could vary depending on the type of versions that exist, for example, if there is a model that is very economical but regardless of the quality of its products.
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