Conrad Hunter Frooze balls

Conrad Hunter Student ID - 22028144 Product: The Frooze Balls are available in a variety of flavours for the consumer. This variety allows for a larger portion of the market to purchase these products. The product flavours available align well with the Conventional Family Life Segment as it provides families in this segment to access flavours which can suit all ages on the family, whilst allowing the family to live a healthier lifestyle. A healthier lifestyle is an important aspect of the Conventional Family Life Segment as people in this segment are people striving to achieve a greater quality of life with greater financial freedom than they may have had in their childhood. Promotion: Frooze Balls should implement a push marketing strategy in order to push their products towards a certain segment of the market. The segment Frooze Balls should push their product towards is consumers leading a healthier lifestyle. This segment includes consumers who like to go to the gym, go for a run/walk, play sports and any other physical and healthier activities that the consumers of this segment like to take part in. Place: Frooze balls could begin selling their product on their personal website in a more wholesale option for consumers in-order for the consumer to save on costs which aligns well with the Conventional Family Life Segment. Another key place which Frooze Balls could be sold is at a chain or chains of petrol stations which allow the product to be seen on quite a larger scale than if it were to remain at only Woolworths. Price: Frooze Balls should adopt a customer value-base pricing model in order to build brand awareness and sales. It is a common view that 'healthier' products tend to have quite extreme pricing attached to them. Products with high prices and lower quantity is not something that suits the Conventional Family Life Segment very well, as this segment is about keeping costs of life to a minimum in order to alleviate the costs of this lifestyle segment.
Differentiation: In order for Frooze Balls to differentiate itself from its competitors, Frooze Balls should create a wider range of products and product flavours. An example of a wider range of products could include protein bars, muesli bars and a healthy range of chocolate bars. By creating a wider variety of flavours, Frooze Balls will be able to reach a larger segment of the market and thus make more sales.
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