Market Terms and Def

Market A market is a place for consumers to buy and sell goods. Market Research Market research is when you gather information about the specific market your in. Market Mix Market mix is the categories that are focused on for strategy and those being the four p's Product Price Place Promotion Market Positioning Market positioning is when you want the consumers to view you product in a specific way. Market Penetration Strategy The market penetration strategy is when a specific business wants to grow bigger than what it already is in their field of business. Market Segmentation Market segmentation is the strategy of splitting up the customers into different groups based on their liking of a certain aspect. Market Share Market share is just the amount controlled by a business of a certain product or service. Target Market Target market is when you market your product to a specific group of consumers such as marketing something only to kids. Customer Profile Survey Customer profile survey is a strategy used to collect a ton of data about a customer to know exactly what product will interest them. Publicity Publicity is the act of gaining consumers to your business which is usually brought from advertisement. Public Relations Public relations is when a business does something to give back to the public to make more people feel a certain way about your business such as hosting a charity in which this puts a great view on your business and will gain you more business. Press Release Press release is when you release information about lets say a new product into the public via newspapers or with media. Community Events Community events is when you attend public gathering in hopes of promoting your business. Advertising The act of promoting your business to the public which can be done in many ways cush as tv ad, signs, media, newspaper ect.
Internet Advertising The specific advertising that happens on the media which is done with add popups, websites, social medias.
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